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Nobody Does Better Eyeball Acting Than Andrew Lincoln From ‘The Walking Dead’

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Over the course of five seasons, Andrew Lincoln's eyeball have done a lot of the show's heavy lifting.

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Andrew Lincoln On The Second Half Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Five: ‘It’s F*cking Nuts’

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Andrew Lincoln sat down with Entertainment Weekly to chat about the return of 'The Walking Dead' and he hinted at some major changes.

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The Back Half Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Five Will Feature A ‘Huge Change’

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What does this new information mean? And what's going on with Rick's beard?

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‘Walking Dead’ Creator Robert Kirkman Responds To A Popular Theory Involving Rick Grimes

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The creator of "The Walking Dead," Robert Kirkman," set the record straight on a popular theory involving Rick Grimes.

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Why Is Norman Reedus Keeping Andrew Lincoln’s Beard In His Fridge?

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'The Walking Dead' star has a very particular reason for keeping his co-star's beard chilled next to the fruit in his fridge.

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Andrew Lincoln Promises A ‘Walking Dead’ Fifth Season With Zombies Riding Sharks Throwing Snakes

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Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus pal around with Robert Kirkman in an interview they clearly don't care about.


Important Supercut: Every Time Rick Has Butchered Carl's Name On 'The Walking Dead'

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Rick Grimes is unable to say his son CARL's name correctly on "The Walking Dead."


The Entire ‘Walking Dead’ Cast Is Going To Appear On ‘Conan’

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The main cast of The Walking Dead is to appear on Conan on February 6th

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‘The Walking Dead’s’ Andrew Lincoln And A One-Armed Teen With No Legs Hilariously Zombie-Prank Norman Reedus

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Nick Santonastasso was born with Hanhart syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that often results in missing limbs.

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Which AMC Star Has A ‘Sex Gypsy’ Past?

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A woman claimed in New York Post article over the weekend that a current AMC star was a "sex gypsy." Who could it be?!?!

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Let's Guess The 27 People Who Will Die In 'The Walking Dead' Season Finale

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According to Andre Lincoln, "27 people" will die in the "Walking Dead" season finale. Let's guess who.

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First Clip from ‘Walking Dead’ S2

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Anyone who watched last night's throat-slashingly tense episode of "Breaking Bad" was also treated to a first look at the second season of "The Walking Dead," AMC's maddeningly uneven yet badass zombie drama.

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OMG! New 'Walking Dead' Clips!

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We're just three and a half weeks from the Halloween premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead," so put on your excited pants to watch the new videos below.

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