Finding Nemo sequel to be called Finding Dory, set for November 2015

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Pixar today announced that the previously-announced sequel to Finding Nemo will be called Finding Dory, and is set for release in November 2015.

unnecessary sequels

Andrew Stanton to direct Finding Nemo 2: Nemo Harder

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Andrew Stanton made his live-action debut with John Carter earlier this year, which, despite being what I thought was a pretty enjoyable movie, lost Disney <a href="" target="_blank">$200 million dollars</a>.


Shocker: John Carter bombs

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This was the weekend John Carter finally opened, when we'd find out whether its huge budget (rumored to be $200 - $250 million- UPDATE: $350 million to make and market, according to the<a href="" target="_blank"> NY Times</a>) was worth it or a waste, when we'd learn whether Disney's "make sure everyone knows his name is John Carter.


‘John Carter’ is Cowboys and Aliens in space, basically

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Taylor Kitsch was on the Today Show this morning promoting Disney's John Carter, and after the usual boring talk about doing his own stunts and what length the fans like his hair (BUT WAIT, TELL US ABOUT YOUR WORKOUT REGIMEN.



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There are a few stories going around today, but most of them aren't worth more than a couple sentences.



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This latest Wall E TV ad rightfully highlights Pixar's stellar track record of Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, and other movies that are awesome when you're really high.

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