There’s An Android App Called ‘Angry Trayvon’ Because People Are The Worst

By | 26 Comments

In case you hadn't been disgusted enough by the Trayvon Martin case...there's "Angry Trayvon"


Google Is Making A Watch, A Game Console And A New Nexus Q

By | 5 Comments

Google is working on all sorts of hardware, apparently. And some of it is even pretty cool, as opposed to just weird and nerdy and kinda sad.


Vine Arrives On Android With A Thud


Vine is now officially on Android. Well, technically, anyway.


The HTC One Is About To Get A Bloat-Free Android Experience

By | 6 Comments

Google stops messing around, and gives the HTC One a stock Android build.


Why Google Is About To Start Developing Games

By | 5 Comments

Noah Falstein, an experienced game designer, is now officially Google's head of game development. But why is Google getting into gaming?


Intel Is Building An Android Laptop. For $200.

By | 8 Comments

Intel will be using Android on some very, very cheap little laptops.


Facebook Home’s Lockscreen Is What Facebook Apps Should Be

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Facebook Home is largely a bust, but the lockscreen does something amazing: It makes Facebook interesting again.


Has Facebook Developed A Custom Version Of Android?


Facebook is rumored to have rebuilt Android to deeply integrate it into your phone's workings. But is that really such a good idea?


Android Malware Just Got (More) Terrifying

By | 4 Comments

Hey, remember when you didn't have to worry about malware from your phone infecting your PC? Guess what!


Six Must-Have Smartphone Apps From 2012

By | 11 Comments

There are a lot of smartphone apps floating around out there, whether you're on Android or iOS.

the future is here so make it happen

Samsung’s Android Camera Shows What’s Wrong With How Companies Use Android

By | 3 Comments

Android is a building block of the future and all major tech companies are doing is bolting better lenses to their cell phones.


Androids and iPhone Selling Faster Than Pretty Much Anything Else


Yeah, the future? It's happening, and happening without us noticing.


Facebook Making Its Employees Use Its Terrible Android App

By | 2 Comments

Apparently Facebook has started engaging in quality control for Android by engaging in trial by fire. Employees are being forced to use the app, even if they'd prefer to use the iPhone.


What Does The Apple-Google Split Mean For Us?

By | 15 Comments

Until now, there has been no bigger frenemy relationship than the one between Apple and Google in the smartphone business.


Enhanced Voice Search on the Google Search App


In the latest version of the Google Search App for iOS and Android, not only can you say your question out loud, but your search app can speak your answer right back to you.


Amazon Is Building A Smartphone To Sell You MP3s


Hey, do you want a smartphone that will constantly try to sell you books, movies, and music while refusing to work with certain apps.


Only 10% Of Android Users Are Running The Latest OS

By | 11 Comments

Google is learning the hard way something Microsoft has already experienced with Internet Explorer: nobody ever updates their software.

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The Real Reason Steam Is Coming To Linux

By | 3 Comments

It's something that's confused people: why is Steam, after all these years, finally coming to Linux.

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