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Terrence Howard Blames Robert Downey Jr. For His Being Cut From ‘Iron Man’ Franchise

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Terrence Howard tells Andy Cohen of 'Watch What Happens Live' about how he got cut from 'Iron Man' and why he now blames Robert Downey Jr.


Andy Cohen Had The Best Response To Sean Avery’s Engagement To Hilary Rhoda

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After learning that former NHL player Sean Avery was engaged to model Hilary Rhoda, Andy Cohen responded with a joke about their gay relationship rumor.


Hey Everyone, Nancy Grace Has A New Hairstyle!

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Everyone's super favorite cable news show host and queen of the ridiculous hashtags, Nancy Grace, Tweeted a photo of her hot new hairstyle tonight.

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Top Candidates To Replace Fallon On 'Late Night': Seth Meyers, Andy Cohen, Nick Cannon… Oh God

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NBC has identified Seth Meyers, Andy Cohen, and Nick Cannon as potential replacements for Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night."


Daniel Radcliffe Reads Harry Potter Slash Fiction


Pardon me, miss, but your sign seems to have a stutter.


Ralph Fiennes Reads Harry Potter Slash Fiction


Oscar-nominee Ralph Fiennes went on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.


Bravo Is the Worst.

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The good news: Andy Cohen, the executive vice president of programming for Bravo (we have him to thank for "Millionaire Matchmaker" and the endless variants of "Real Housewives"), will take a reduced role behind the scenes of the network next year.


Andy Cohen Hates Adorable Children

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Andy Cohen -- the Bravo executive who perniciously fills our lives with endless iterations of squabbling "Real Housewives" who are never actually housewives -- was a guest on MSNBC's execrable "Morning Joe" today, where he helped analyze the crappiness of this year's Oscar telecast.


Jackee Is Looking Well.

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Jackée Harry and Regina King used to be on "227" together.


Hahaha Midwesterners Are Fat

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This Thursday, Bravo is rolling out its sixth (ugh) "Real Housewives" franchise, which will document the facelifted catfights of Beverly Hills.

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