Vanessa Simmons

What A Sexy Catsuit You Have, Vanessa

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Whether Vanessa or her sister Angela is the hotter Simmmons sister is debatable.


Let’s Take A Bikini Break With Angela Simmons

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Angela Simmons went to the beach in Miami recently and the cameras captured the experience so everyone could share.


3.21 The Cooler

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Kali Lynn AT&T Buying T-Mobile For $39 Billion [Silicon Valley Insider] Good Black Samaritan Fights Guy For Hitting Woman On Bus [TUD] Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Purchases New Home Worth Over $12 Million [Yardbarker] Porn Sites Get New.


6.10 The Cooler

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Jossie Chain Reaction: A History of Plies’ Greatest Chains [Complex] What Your Choice of Super Soaker Says About You [Buzzfeed] Big Ben Video, Evidence Released [With Leather] Is Eminem's 'Recovery' More Than Just Celebrity Rehab.

Vanessa Simmons

I Think The Dodgers Are On To Something…

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Last Wednesday, the Kim & the Kardashians (yes, Beefy/no, Bruce) are invited to throw out the first pitch against the Nationals.

Vanessa Simmons

Daddy’s Little Girls…

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Words By Jason Hortillas Daddy's Girls - MTV Shows - Run's House (Season 4) - MTV Shows If you watch MTV, you're eventually going to get bombarded with ads for this new spin-off reality show "Daddy's Girls," starring Angela and Vanessa Simmons.

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