'Justified' Casts Its Mafia Head, 'Louie' Has a Premiere Date, and More FX News

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-Adam Arkin, best known for his role as Ethan Zobelle on “Sons of Anarchy,” will guest star on “Justified” as Quarles’s boss and the head of the Detroit Mafia, Theo Tonin, which is also the name of an unlicensed dietary supplement endorsed by Malcolm-Jamal Warner.


This Week In Anger Management Issues: Shoving A Bug For Spraying You With String

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From the video description: After getting sprayed from point-blank range with some silly string, an upset Bruins fan goes after Tampa Bay's mascot and gives him a push.


FX Buys Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’

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FX has apparently enjoyed airing repeats of "Two and a Half Men" so much that it has acquired Charlie Sheen's "Anger Management," the show Sheen has been talking about non-stop since he got fired from "Men.


F You, Lionsgate

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Earlier this month I was adamant that Charlie Sheen does NOT have a new show based on the 2003 film Anger Management -- he's merely trying to develop one with AM producer Joe Roth.


Carlos Zambrano Is All Better Now

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Carlos Zambrano is set to make a combined $35 million in 2011 and 2012, in addition to the $17.

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