Fighters, Dogs and Abuse – This Week In Sad Combat Sports News

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Former potential UFC featherweight title challenger Josh Grispi was arrested two times over four days for spousal abuse.


Do Not Watch This Soccer Player Pick A Dog Up By Its Neck And Throw It

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Apparently there are some people out there who don’t share our same appreciation when adorable little animals find their way on to a sports field.


Great Moments In Animal Abuse: Woody Allen Once Boxed A Kangaroo On TV

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It’s hard to believe that people could have ever thought this was a good idea, but in 1966, there was a TV series entitled Europe's Big Top Circus Stars Live from the Hippodrome – AKA The Hippodrome Show – and it featured big TV and movie stars of the day serving as “Guest Ringmasters” of a televised circus.


Water for Elephants accused of thumping its elephant

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The best part of Water for Elephants was the way the elephant never actually drank water, only whiskey and lemonade.


Which Puppy Tale Is The Most Moving?


We’re going to play a little game today at the Uproxx News Headquarters of Awesomeness.

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