'Animal Man' #21: The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week, And More Reviews

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Jeff Lemire takes on celebrity culture with 'Animal Man' #21 from a unique, and refreshing, perspective.


Exclusive Preview: ‘Animal Man’ #19


Animal Man has managed to keep the personal and the professional separate. Until now.

the comic you should be reading this week

The Comics You Should Be Reading This Week: ‘Swamp Thing’/’Animal Man’ #13

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Welcome to Rotworld. It's even worse than it sounds. Yes, I know it sounds pretty bad.


The 7 Standout Books From DC Comics’ New 52

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Words By Dr Hip-Hop | @DrHipHop85 A little less than a year ago, comic book publisher DC Comics was ending one of its usual summer comic events when the entirety of its comic universe was forever (well so far) altered.

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