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Tom Hardy Steals A Pit Bull Puppy And Your Heart In ‘The Drop’

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You'll probably want to wrap your ovaries in Saran Wrap to keep them from exploding.


This Is The Heartwarming Tale Of How A Rejected Shelter Dog Made It Rich

By | 3 Comments

It's a real life "Homeward Bound" story with an even happier ending.

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This Video Of A Stray Dog Getting Rescued Will Make You Feel All Of The Feels

By | 10 Comments

The transformation of a skittish stray dog into a loving companion is absolutely heartwarming.


Did Someone Say Baby Kangaroos? Because We've Got Baby Kangaroos.


These three adorable joey roos are live at a rescue center in Victoria, Australia, and no we still cannot have kangaroos as pets.


Steven Seagal adopted a Romanian puppy

By | 6 Comments

Steven Seagal adopted a puppy in Romania, one of 64,000 strays roaming Bucharest that was set to be euthanized. Awww.


Watch These Retired Lab Chimps Experience Sunlight And Grass For The First Time

By | 22 Comments

Many of these chimps have been imprisoned and used in laboratory testing for 50 years without seeing sunlight. Now they start a new life at Chimp Haven.


Florida Friday: How About A Nice Story For Once?

By | 14 Comments

As UPROXX”s resident Florida expert, I need to point out that not everything that happens in my beloved state full of morons is bad.



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Dennis Lehane is best known for writing the novels Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, whose subjects were child molestation and child molestation, respectively, as well as penning a few episodes of The Wire, most notably the ones involving child molestation.

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