‘BaneCat’ Is Much Funnier Than It Has Any Right To Be

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BaneCat is one of the stupider things I've ever seen, and I'm still laughing.

#game of thrones

Happy Halloween, Here Are Some ‘Game Of Thrones’ Pugs

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For no reason other than this photo exists, here is a picture of three pugs dressed up as Game of Thrones characters.


You Knew It Was Coming: The Greatest Halloween Pet Costumes You’ll See This Year

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When it comes to dressing animals up in funny costumes, I’m a total hypocrite.


Yo, Dog, I Heard You Like Pugs…


Yo, dog, I heard you like pugs, etc.

rich people

On The Catwalk: The Best Of The Algonquin Hotel's Cat Fashion Show


It’s easy to pick on the national media for being sensational or paying too much attention to meaningless news like debt ceilings and presidential straw polls.


Cat Fashion Shows and Morning Links

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That's right, "Cat Fashion Show", perhaps my three favorite words in the English language when used all together.

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