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Paul Dini Discusses Why Networks Are Getting Animation So Terribly Wrong

By | 35 Comments

Paul Dini reveals what animation executives are thinking. Surprise! It's terrible!


Doctor Who Goes A-Ha In ‘Take On Me’ Mashup

By | 3 Comments

Did you see the Doctor Who 50th anniversary animation? It's vastly improved by '80s pop hit "Take On Me" by A-Ha.


‘Mean Elves’ Is The Mashup Of ‘The Hobbit’ And ‘Mean Girls’ We Didn’t Know We Needed

By | 3 Comments

'The Hobbit' and 'Mean Girls' have been combined in 'Mean Elves', an animated parody.


Here’s ‘Blade Runner’ As A Series Of 12,597 Watercolors

By | 2 Comments

'Blade Runner' has been reborn as a movie animated in watercolor.


It’s Business Time: Bret McKenzie Is Making An Animated Series About NASA


Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords -- sorry, we meant <a href="">Oscar winner</a> Bret McKenzie -- is developing an animated comedy series set in a NASA space center.


‘The Simpsons’ Did An Unexpected Hobbit Couch Gag, And It Was Excellent

By | 6 Comments

Catch an early look at the Hobbit couch gag from the next episode of 'The Simpsons' right here.


Please Enjoy These 30 Magical Seconds Of Calvin And Hobbes Dancing

By | 15 Comments

Adam Brown ('Ugly Americans') is back with another animation of 'Calvin and Hobbes' to hit us in all the feels.


‘Beware The Batman’ Might Have Already Been Canceled

By | 28 Comments

Eleven episodes in, 'Beware The Batman' has been yanked from the air. And it might not get a chance to redeem itself.


‘Star Wars Rebels’ Villain And Synopsis Revealed At New York Comic-Con

By | 7 Comments

'Star Wars Rebels' executive producer Dave Filoni introduces the villain -- The Inquisitor -- in a video from New York Comic-Con.


The First ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Teaser Certainly Takes The Word ‘Teaser’ Literally

By | 14 Comments

Here's the first teaser for canon animated series 'Star Wars Rebels', along with everything we know about the plot and potential voice cast.


‘Beware The Batman’: What We Like And What We Don’t

By | 23 Comments

'Beware the Batman' has promise... but also a few problems that need to be solved.


‘The Venture Bros.’ Are Seized In ‘The Devil’s Grip’

By | 22 Comments

Season five of 'The Venture Bros.' ends on an episode full of great character moments and side-splitting comedy.


If You Thought Louis C.K.’s Standup Couldn’t Be Any Better, Watch This Animated Louis C.K. Standup Clip

By | 2 Comments

Because the world can never have enough of the internet adding its own little twists to Louis C.K. standup performances, here's an animated version.


‘Venture Bros.’ Explored Robot Dating With “Bot Seeks Bot”

By | 34 Comments

The penultimate episode of 'The Venture Bros.' this season dropped all the Brock you can handle.


WATCH: Trailer for The Boxtrolls, from Laika

By | 18 Comments

While "The Boxtrolls" might sound like a malady afflicting your mom, it's actually a new, stop-motion animated film from Laika, the folks who brought us Coraline and ParaNorman.


This New Zealand News Animation Is Hilarious

By | 2 Comments

In a recent clip from New Zealand's 3 News, a story about a dog that attacked several vehicles' tires received a rather humorous animation treatment.


‘Futurama’ Ripped On ‘E.T.’ In Last Night’s Episode

By | 5 Comments

'Futurama' puts another beloved classic through the meat grinder. Also, there are weed jokes. Lots of them.


Everything You Need To Know About AXE COP

By | 9 Comments

Hey guys, Axe Cop will soon have his very own TV show! It's part of the ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF late night block.


‘Venture Bros.’ Go Bananas With ‘Venture Libre’

By | 17 Comments

Season 5 of 'The Venture Bros.' got off to an amazing start... and the second episode continues the streak.

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