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Hulu Will Now Stream The Anime Classic ‘Sailor Moon’ For All To See

By | 7 Comments

'Sailor Moon' is coming to Hulu. All 200 episodes for you to watch. 200. There's 200 episodes!

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Sega Will Produce An Anime Starring Its Consoles

By | 3 Comments

Honestly, it's kind of amazing Sega is still in business, at this point.


Man Defends Ex-Wife's Honor Against The Zelda Master Sword

By | 8 Comments

A fellow in Katy, Texas got quite a surprise when he pulled a Zelda Master Sword during a fight, and discovered another Zelda fan in his opponent.


That Live-Action ‘Akira’ Movie Still Won’t Die

By | 12 Comments

Warner Bros. still wants to make an Akira movie, and they're still developing it. Really.


Samuel L. Jackson’s Anime Adaptation ‘Kite’ Looks Appropriately Cartoony


Samuel L. Jackson's live-action version of Kite actually got made!


This Can’t End Well: ‘Akira’ Predicted Japan Hosting The 2020 Olympics

By | 3 Comments

The classic 1988 anime AKIRA predicted Japan hosting the 2020 Olympics after a massive disaster. Quick, somebody check under the new Olympic stadium.


‘Pokemon The Origin’ Gets An Ashless, Redful Trailer

By | 9 Comments

Pokemon The Origin, a new anime TV series going back to the beginning to adapt Pokemon Red and Blue, is set to premiere in Japan. (Video)

gee shirtless men are popular online?

'The Swimming Anime' Forms A Fanbase, Despite Not Actually Existing

By | 6 Comments

'The Swimming Anime' is just a promotional clip. But it's one that's gone viral.


Cat Cosplay: One Cat Portrays Nine Lives Of Anime Characters For His Birthday

By | 8 Comments

A woman in China celebrated her cat's birthday with cat cosplay using cardboard and anime character drawings. That was a perfectly normal sentence.


Hey, Anime Fans: Toonami Is Back

By | 3 Comments

Anybody who grew up in the '90s remembers Toonami.


UPROXX @ SXSW: Action Bronson And DaVinci At Lustre Pearl


If you haven't heard of <a href="">Action Bronson</a>, here's the pitch: he's a 315-pound, chain-smoking Albanian rapper from Queens.


We Should’ve Known It Wouldn’t End So Easily — Akira Movie Not Dead Yet

By | 3 Comments

A few days ago the Internet breathed a collective sigh of relief when Warner Bros.


Want a Blade Anime? Too Bad, You Get One Anyway


<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-53319"></a>OK, show of hands, was anybody actually demanding that Marvel try to beat some more cash out of this dead horse.


The Akira movie is about Secret Dwarf Hookers now

By | 16 Comments

I haven't done much reporting on the planned adaptation of Akira before now, for two important reasons.


The Live-Action Akira Has Finally Reached Its Apocalypse

By | 8 Comments

The live-action, US adaptation of the Anime classic Akira has been a long, winding road of bad decisions.


Put Down Your Pokedex and Enjoy the Best of Misty Cosplay

By | 23 Comments

Photo via <a href="">DigitallyBlonde</a> We all remember when Pokemon first rolled out in 1996 and we frantically tried to catch em all on our Nintendo Gameboy.


7 Crimes Inspired By Badly Chosen Pop Culture

By | 7 Comments

From what the media tells us, pop culture is responsible for 90% of the murders committed in the Western world (the other 10% are caused by graphics on political websites).

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