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Kate Upton And Anna Kendrick Saved The Ice Bucket Challenge From Charlie Sheen

By | 26 Comments

It's the Ice Bucket Challenge video(s) you've been waiting for.

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Anna Kendrick Went To SummerSlam And Hung Out With Her Friend Who Hates America

By | 30 Comments

Anna Kendrick and the cast of Pitch Perfect 2 ended up at WWE SummerSlam, and hung out with their blonde friend who hates the United States.

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Anna Kendrick Not Dating ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor, The North Rejoices

By | 11 Comments

The 'Pitch Perfect' actress just proved her loyalty to House Stark.

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Anna Kendrick Is A Traitor For Reportedly Dating This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor

By | 35 Comments

Your favorite person is reportedly shacking up with your least favorite "Game of Thrones" actor. No, not Joffrey.


Wish Granted. The New ‘Into The Woods’ Trailer Is Here.

By | 2 Comments

Meryl Streep as The Witch, Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, and Chris Pine as Cinderella's Prince.

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Aubrey Plaza Is The Ultimate ‘Worth It?’ Zombie Girlfriend In A ‘Life After Beth’ Clip

By | 2 Comments

Could we interest you in a movie where Aubrey Plaza plays a zombie? Well here's a clip from indie zombie rom-com 'Life After Beth'.


Anna Kendrick Thinks It’d Be ‘Super F*cking Stressful’ To Be Beautiful, Which Um…

By | 23 Comments

Anna Kendrick thinks it'd be stressful to be "beautiful." Yeah, I can't imagine.


What’s The Deal With The Internet’s Female Celebrity Feet Obsession?

By | 53 Comments

Why is so much of the Internet singularly devoted to sexualizing celebrity feet?


Anna Kendrick Is A Dog Park Creeper

By | 9 Comments

Because she's too busy to have a dog, Anna Kendrick hangs out in dog parks "creeping" on other people's dogs.


‘SNL’ Recap: Anna Kendrick Will Sing And Dance Her Way Into Your Heart

By | 32 Comments

A video recap of the skits from this week's Saturday Night Live, hosted by Anna Kendrick.


Anna Kendrick’s ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Monologue On ‘SNL’ Was As Adorable As It Gets

By | 27 Comments

Watch video of the Beauty and the Beast monologue from this week's Saturday Night Live, hosted by Anna Kendrick.


Watch Anna Kendrick And Taran Killam Try To Hold In Their Laughter In These New 'SNL' Promos

By | 5 Comments

'Saturday Night Live' has released this batch of promos for Anna Kendrick's first stint as host. I think she'll do just fine.


Anna Kendrick's Friends Have The Worst 'SNL' Sketch Ideas & Other Assorted 'Late Night' Adorableness

By | 2 Comments

Anna Kendrick dropped by Late Night with Seth Meyers last night to talk about hosting SNL and just generally be her adorable self.


Anna Kendrick’s Oscars Weekend Was Full Of Aubrey Plaza, Burgers, And Corsets

By | 7 Comments

Anna Kendrick spent Oscars weekend with Aubrey Plaza. What did YOU do?!?


Anna Kendrick Is Done With Singing Because She Wants To Drink Beer Whenever She Wants

By | 11 Comments

Singing is really, really hard, and Anna Kendrick really, really wants a beer.

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