Seth Rogen & James Franco Will Voice Talking Sausages In ‘Sausage Party’

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Seth Rogen and James Franco to do voices for Sausage Party, an animated movie about talking sausages.

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Tom Hardy And Daenerys Targaryen Among Those Sought For ‘Terminator’ Reboot

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Director Alan Taylor is testing an awesome group of actors for the 'Terminator' reboot trilogy, including Tom Hardy and Emilia Clarke ('Game of Thrones').

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The Next Terminator Movie Has a Director

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I like to talk about Megan Ellison like she's the greatest thing ever to happen to the movie industry for financing slightly off-beat, director-driven projects like Her, American Hustle, The Master, Spring Breakers, etc, but her Annapurna Pictures' deal to make another Terminator movie with Paramount last year shows she's not allergic to cash money either.


Boner Alert: ‘Her’, from Spike Jonze, starring Joaquin Phoenix & Amy Adams

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Remember in that last post about Disney how I said Megan Ellison is what gives me hope for the future of movies.

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'Terminator' Is Getting Rebooted As A Trilogy, Come With Me If You Want To Stop Repeating The '80s

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Paramount issued a press release saying the fifth 'Terminator' movie would simply be called 'Terminator' and will be a reboot in a "stand-alone trilogy".

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back For ‘Terminator 5′

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly confirmed he's involved in the next 'Terminator', which also has new producers and new writers.


‘Terminator 5′ Lumbers Forward With ‘Shutter Island’ And ‘Drive Angry’ Writers

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The 'Terminator' rights are finally settled, and two writers with widely different resumes have been hired to pen the 'Terminator 5' script.


The Master smashes per-screen record, rest of box office still in decline

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Paul Thomas Anderson's kinda-sorta-about-Scientology epic The Master broke the record for per-screen average this weekend, earning $145,949 from five locations in New York and LA and beating out Moonrise Kingdom's $130,749 per-location average in its opening earlier this year.

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