Annie’s Boobs Threw Out The First Pitch At A Padres Game

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In a story that is extremely relevant to my interests, the first pitch at Thursday's San Diego Padres/Los Angeles Dodgers game at PETCO Park was thrown out by Crystal, aka "that one monkey from everything," aka Annie's Boobs from 'Community'.


What’s On Tonight: Will Sofia Give Birth To A Child Brave Enough To Kill Manny?

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Lots of season premieres, the finale of 'Top Chef Masters,' and the rest of tonight's television highlights.


Annie’s Boobs Makes More Money Than You

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Don't worry, there's a GIF of Annie's boobs, too.


Alison Brie Went to A Nudist College

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Alison Brie was on Conan last night because -- I assume -- these interviews are booked weeks in advance, and before it was moved, the "Community" finale was scheduled to air last night.


Ranking All 68 Episodes of 'Community' from Awesome to the Awesomest

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Tonight "Community" is running three episodes culminating in the season finale.


Is This the Dumbest Argument Against 'Community' You've Ever Read?

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Reed Arvin is a writer of four novels, a record producer, and Amy Grant's former touring keyboard player.


Go Greendale Hard: Levar Allen Raps about His 'Community' Angst

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It's not that unusual for a musician in our meme culture to put together a song or a video paying tribute to a television show.


There Was Going to Be a 'Community' Porno? Tell Me More

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Over on The Daily Beast, the women of NBC's "Community" -- including one of its female writers, Megan Ganz -- sat down to discuss the return of "Community" and what it was like to produce episodes in a vacuum (production on season three wrapped up during the hiatus).


One ‘Community’ Character Will Die: Let’s Place Odds

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Joel McHale revealed to TV Guide over the weekend that a character from NBC's "Community" will die in an upcoming episode.


Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Make a Complete Mockery of the Election

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A small refresher: Last week, Stephen Colbert announced his intention to create an exploratory committee in order to run for the President of South Carolina.


On Set Photo Reveals ‘Community’s’ Dan Harmon Still Hilariously Bitter

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That above photo comes courtesy of Charley Koontz, who plays the spectacular Fat Neil in "Community.


Hangover 2 Review: Pretty good for a monkey-sploitation picture

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Watching The Hangover Part II, it's easy to see why intellectuals would hate Todd Phillips.

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