Let’s Predict Triple H’s Raw Announcement That Will ‘Shake WWE To Its Core!’

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Triple H is promising an announcement on Raw that will "shake WWE to its core." Here's us wildly guessing what it'll be.


‘Westworld’ Is Coming To HBO Next Year

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'Westworld' is being adapted from a movie about amok robots to an HBO series about AI ethics. With amok robots.

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TNA Is Negotiating With A Talent Who Will ‘Shock People,’ So Let’s Wildly Speculate!

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TNA's Dixie Carter is one again hyping a major announcement, claiming to be negotiating with talent that will "shock people." Who is it?


Which DC Comics Character Will The Rock Play? We Lay Down Some Odds.

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We make a few educated guesses about who the Rock might be playing in the DC Cinematic Universe.


‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Trailer Was Announced In The Nerdiest Way Possible

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'Amazing Spider-Man 2' will have a trailer tagged to a movie this December. And it was announced in a profoundly, gloriously nerdy way.

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And Here…We…Go: Sony’s Announcing The PlayStation 4 February 20th

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The PlayStation 4 is coming next month. And we'll be curious to see what it can deliver.


Rick Perry: ‘I Am The Product Of A Rape’ (Well, Not Really)


I've been meaning to post this video from Mondo all day because it's one of the funniest presidential campaign-related videos I've seen, but have been swamped and am just getting around to it.

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A Programming Note…


Just wanted to let you guys know that, barring something unexpected, we'll be enjoying some much needed time off over the next few days.

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Direct Messaging For UPROXX Commenters Is Here!

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A few weeks ago, when we rolled out our new and improved commenting system across the UPROXX network, we mentioned that the ability for commenters to direct message each other directly was on the horizon.

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