Opie & Anthony Co-Host Anthony Cumia Has Been Fired From SiriusXM

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Remember that racist rant on Twitter by Anthony Cumia? Well, that cost him his job.


‘Opie And Anthony’ Host Goes On A Tirade After An Alleged Attack In Times Square

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Anthony Cumia was allegedly attacked in Times Square, leading to a racist Twitter rant referring to his alleged attackers as 'savages.'


Louie C.K. Had Some Complaints About ‘Gravity’ On The ‘Opie And Anthony Show’

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Louie C.K. bashed 'Gravity' and 'All Is Lost' on an episode of 'The Opie and Anthony Show', and we have the glorious, uncensored audio.

#Star Trek

William Shatner Responded Adorably To An Overzealous Fan On ‘The Opie And Anthony Show’

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William Shatner reacted perfectly to a 'Star Trek' superfan's pestering while visiting 'The Opie and Anthony Show' this week.

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