Suffering From Success

DJ Khaled Ft. Scarface, Jadakiss, Meek Mill, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton & Akon – “Never Surrender” Video

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With Suffering From Success set to release tomorrow, <a href="">DJ Khaled</a> serves up one more free slice with the video for "Never Surrender.

The Point Of It All

“The Point Of It All…”

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There’s been this story – over a year old now – I’ve read roughly 10 times.

Tarsha McMilian

Anthony Hamilton Feat. Tarsha McMilian – “I Hurt You”

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With each new Anthony Hamilton track that surfaces, Gotty and I find ourselves more and more confused and intrigued by this method.


Anthony Hamilton – “My Friend”

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More <a href="">Anthony Hamilton</a> records continue to surface and I have not the first clue where it's from.


Anthony Hamilton – “High School Love”


I took a poetry class in college once and my professor forbade us from writing about high school love because, quite frankly, nobody gives a sh*t about it except for people actually still in high school.


A Trio Of New Anthony Hamilton Songs

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Just so we're clear, <a href="">Anthony Hamilton's</a> "The Point Of It All" track is on my list of personal favorite songs of the past five years.


Depression Sets In: 5 Songs For The NFL & NBA Lockouts

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Was it because I sold my soul, packed my duffle bag and went to South Beach to see LeBron get a ring.


Jill Scott Feat. Anthony Hamilton – “So In Love”

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<a href=""> I stumbled across Jill Scott's new song and <a href="">BV's "Why We Need Jill Scott"</a> at the same time earlier today.

We Got Now

Izza Kizza x Nick Catchdubs – 10:15 Mixtape


If someone was to plant the seed in your head that the relatively unknown Izza Kizza was a permanent fixture in Timbaland's music camp, it would make perfect sense the moment you're exposed to his unorthodox delivery.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – “Do You Feel Me (Remix)”

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<a href=""> I've never been a movie buff, so taking my word where American Gangster ranks amongst Denzel's best work should come with a grain of salt. However, anytime a director can create an enjoyable film about drug dealing with an A-List actor, that's a win-win in my book. Sitting in the movie theater during the Fall of 2007, I remember being impressed by how "old" the movie felt and looked. It successfully created the ambiance of being shot during the 1970s and <a href="">Anthony Hamilton's</a> soulful "Do You Feel Me" had me typing a text message to myself so I could remember to look it up once I returned to my apartment later that night.


Fonzworth Bentley Feat. Anthony Hamilton – “Greener” Video

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<a href=""> Any chances of C.O.L.O.U.R.S. being added to <a href="">G.O.O.D. Music Day</a> in September.

#Justin Bieber

Various Artists – “We Are The World (25 For Haiti)” Video

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Although the words "donate," "<a href="">Haiti</a>" and "help" are no longer on the tip of every newscaster's tongue across the planet, the crisis that left the Caribbean country in ruins is still an ongoing ordeal.


“Embracing The Struggle…”

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<a href="">Anthony Hamilton</a> will presumably never get the recognition he deserves, and that's perfectly alright.


“Some Kind Of Wonderful…”

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For the better part of last week, I was on an <a href="">Anthony Hamilton</a> kick (||).

The Humdinger

Nappy Roots Feat. Anthony Hamilton – “Down ‘N Out”

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Remember 2002 when <a href="">Nappy Roots</a> & Anthony Hamilton hit the scene together with "Po' Folks".

wyclef jean

The Game x “Hustler’s Dream” x “Number One” x “Enemy”

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Three new Jayceon tracks that seem to be leftovers from L.


Mikkey Halsted & Anthony Hamilton – “The News”

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The sooner you recognize that Mikkey is serious, the better off you, your ears & your iPod will be.


TWTW: ‘Twas The Week Before Christmas

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'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the site.

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