This Is Siri

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Meet Susan Bennett, the woman behind the voice of Apple's Siri.


Six Must-Have Smartphone Apps From 2012

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There are a lot of smartphone apps floating around out there, whether you're on Android or iOS.

#Jay Z

9.25 The Cooler

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Chelsea Ciara Lyor Cohen Stepping Down as Warner Music Chairman/CEO <a href="">[Billboard]</a> The 10 Biggest Musician Meltdowns Captured On Video <a href="">[Uproxx]</a> iPhone 5 Vs.


Expect To See Ads On YouTube’s New iPhone App

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Google's new YouTube app will be available for download at Apple's App Store beginning on Tuesday and the improved version is said to include thousands of more videos as well as additional search and sharing functions.


9.10 The Cooler

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Feeva 10 Atlanta Rappers To Watch Out For <a href="">[Complex]</a> Top 10 One-Liner Comedians <a href="">[Listverse]</a> Ryan Lochte To Guest Star On ’30 Rock’ <a href="" target="blank">[With Leather]</a> Conventions Are Over, Now What.


Is This The First Real Video Of The New iPhone 5?

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Apple's once highly touted security has gone from <a href="">dripping little bits of info</a> to a fully sprung leak.

Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)

9.3 The Cooler

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Monique Miller How To Get The Most For Your Old iPhone <a href="">[ReadWriteWeb]</a> Stevie Wonder Clarifies Gays Are "Confused" Statement <a href="">[Hip-Hop Wired]</a> Obama: Fatherhood Trumps Schmoozing <a href="">[CNN]</a> X-Girl To The Next Girl <a href="">[Gwarizm]</a> Cheers.


8.15 The Cooler

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Anishya Sue Reyes Evelyn Lozada Files For Divorce From Chad Johnson After 41 Days <a href="">[C+D]</a> Stic.


Is This Really The New iPhone?

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Keeping iPhone secrets under wraps at a post-Steve Jobs Apple is like preventing a YMCMB album from leaking a month before it drops.


5 Things We Definitely Know About The New iPhone (Plus What We Think We Know)

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In addition to crippling heat and sexy beachwear, each summer ushers in the pre-next-iPhone hype cycle and accompanying rumors of what new and amazing things the upcoming iteration of the device will be able to do.


Could Apple’s iPhone 5 Be Here Soon?

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While no one knows for certain, Apple looks to be making plans for a big event come early September.


6.29 The Cooler

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Erica Mena Snoop Dogg Busted In Norway With Marijuana, Cash [Yahoo] No Bath Salts Found In Miami Face-Eater's System [HHW] 24-Year-Old Mom Delivers Baby Herself On New York City Subway [News One] 10 Things That Chief Keef Clearly "Don't Like" [Broken Cool] Diana Ross Refuses [...].


6.15 The Cooler

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Codi Bryant The Long, Fashionable History Of Ridiculous Glasses In The NBA <a href="" target="blank">[With Leather]</a> Before The Bottle Action: Chris Brown Tapes ‘Fuse Uncovered’ Special <a href="">[C+D]</a> Q&A With Stacy Sager <a href="">[Craig Sager Suits]</a> Dad Of 20 Can't Remember His Kids Names <a href="">[CNN]</a> Texas Billionaire R.


Question Of The Day: What’s Your Most Used Music App?

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With the influx of tablets plus smartphones becoming more brilliant by the day, more people are using their mobile devices for everything once reserved for PCs and laptops.

where the wild things are

5.9 The Cooler

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Johanie Taylor 10 Things You Might Not Know About Maurice Sendak <a href="">[Mental Floss]</a> How Do You Want It.


Cop: JackThreads Mobile Apps For Android & iPhone

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Tired of missing <a href="">JackThreads</a> daily steals and deals because you're on the go.


Turn Your iPhone Into A DSLR With Photojojo’s SLR Mount

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Photos by photojojo There are an ample amount of apps that let iPhone users tinker with photos after they've been snapped.


7.7 The Cooler

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Jolina B How To Use Facebook's New Video Calling Feature <a href="">[SVI]</a> Oprah Winfrey to Teach Life 101 Class <a href="">[Yahoo]</a> The Top 10 Floppiest Flops of 2011 <a href="">[FilmDrunk]</a> Amber Rose Debuts New Hairstyle <a href="">[GOT]</a> Is HBO’s Nudity Too Gratuitous.

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