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Yep, Apple Is Probably Buying Waze

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Waze is an incredibly useful app for iPhone and Android. And, if rumors are true, it's about to get eaten by Apple Maps.

apple maps

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: Google Maps For iPhone Is Back


Just hours after being released, the latest version of Google Maps for iPhones became the most downloaded item in the App Store library.

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Apple Maps Has Started Trying To Kill People

By | 7 Comments

Apple Maps will kill us all, mostly by getting us lost in dangerous national parks.


Least Shocking News Ever: Apple Maps Head Fired

By | 4 Comments

At least the Apple Maps guy, Richard Williamson, was not fired out of a cannon into the sun, which is how Apple generally fires people. True story.


Batman Also Has A Problem With Apple Maps (As Do Katniss And Jack Torrance)


The Apple Maps App makes life more difficult for Batman in 'The Dark Knight', Katniss in 'The Hunger Games', and Jack Torrence in 'The Shining'.


Batman Uses Apple Maps


Batman tries to use Apple Maps to navigate Gotham on his way to save Rachel.


Apple CEO Tim Cook Apologizes For The Lives That Have Been Destroyed By Awful Maps Feature


Following Roger Goodell's lead, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an apology this morning for the Apple Maps fiasco that has ruined so many lives. Your move, Kim Jong Un.

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The 10 Best Apple Maps Image Parodies So Far

By | 2 Comments

In the short time since iOS 6 was released the internet has of course been hard at work documenting Apple Maps suckiness and attempting to out clever each other with parodies.


The Tim Cook/Steve Jobs Comparisons Rage On

By | 2 Comments

The less that popular iOS6 rollout has prompted some to remark, "Steve Jobs would have never let this happen." Tim Cook would like to respond.


Apple Maps Is Every Bit As Terrible As You Heard

By | 20 Comments

Apple Maps might be the biggest mistake since the Pippin, except millions of people will be stuck with it.

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