Police Are Campaigning Google To Remove The Waze App Because It Is Allegedly Putting Them In Danger

By | 18 Comments

Police across the country are out to stop people from using Google's Waze app because it allegedly puts them at risk.


Everything You Need To Know About Uber’s Mishandling Of The Sydney Hostage Crisis

By | 15 Comments

Uber managed to make the Sydney hostage crisis even worse. How? Greed!

#Justin Bieber

Twitter Might Be Trying To Make Justin Bieber Even Wealthier

By | 2 Comments

Is Twitter thinking about buying the Bieber-backed selfie app Shots? That's the buzz on the streets.


Piece Together Last Night’s Drunken Escapades With The ‘Drunk Mode’ App

By | 2 Comments

New app for iOS and Android lets college students get wasted safely. Also prevents drunk dialing. Somebody call the Nobel committee.

#Game of Thrones

Johnny Rotten Spent Thousands Of Dollars On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Apps

By | 8 Comments

Johnny Rotten has thousands of dollars on iPhone apps, including one for "Game of Thrones."


Find Out What’s Under Rowdy Roddy Piper’s Kilt In This Bizarre App Ad

By | 3 Comments

Rowdy Roddy Piper plays himself (sort of) and has an endless taint that can be used for storage in this weird app commercial.


Taco Bell’s New App Is Going To Change The Way We Order Tacos Forever

By | 23 Comments

Thanks to Taco Bell's new iPhone and Android app, customers can order whatever they want with any ingredients from their phones.


Amazing New Calculator App Will Make It Virtually Impossible For You To Fail At Math

By | 19 Comments

Take a picture of the equation and PhotoMath Calculator solves it in mere seconds!

#The Simpsons

We’ve Previewed FXX’s ‘Simpsons World’ App And Here’s Everything You Need To Know

By | 51 Comments

Every episode, available anytime, at the push of a button. Here's what you need to know.


Brad Maddox Returned Last Night On The WWE App And Cut An Amazing Promo

By | 33 Comments

Site favorite Brad Maddox returned during a WWE App segment on Monday night and cut a shockingly awesome promo.

apple watch

The Apple Watch’s First Game? Arm Wrestling.

By | 4 Comments

The Apple Watch already has a game. Well, an app to enhance a game.


‘Saucey’ Is The App That Has Underwear Models Delivering Booze In Los Angeles

By | 5 Comments

The L.A.-based booze delivery service 'Saucey' has teamed up with an underwear company for a very special and head-scratching promotion.


Why SketchFactor And Similar Apps Are Pointless

By | 5 Comments

A new app purports to help you find the wrong side of the tracks and avoid it. But the realities of crime make it useless.


Too Stoned To Use A Phone To Order Pizza? Then ‘Push For Pizza’ Is The App For You.

By | 7 Comments

If you're antisocial or just way too stoned, 'Push for Pizza' is the one-button app that gets you a pie from your favorite pizza place.


What’s The Deal With The ‘Seinfeld’ Emoji? They’re Available On iTunes Now.

By | 9 Comments

If you thought it was all a joke, the 'Seinfeld' emoji are actually here and available for free on iTunes.

#video games

Atari Has Teamed Up With Denny’s To Combine Classic Video Games With Food


Denny's rebranded some of its classic menu items by teaming up with Atari to make food-themed version of its most iconic games.


‘First Derm’ Is The App That Lets You Send Pictures Of Your Junk To Qualified Doctors


With more than 10,000 downloads and 1,000 diagnoses since January, the health app 'First Derm' is changing the way people visit doctors.


Apple Rejected An App That Would Educate Young Women About Their Ladyparts, But Hey Hookup Apps Are All Good!

By | 8 Comments

'Happy Fun Time' wants to teach women to better pull a Divinyls, but Apple's having none of that crap.

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