The Latest Hookup App Will Make Having A Threesome A Lot Easier. Maybe.

By | 7 Comments

This latest hookup app will make people having a threesome a lot easier. Admit it, you want it.


Just In Time For Valentine’s Day, Lovematically Helps You Be Fake Prolific Liker On Social Media

By | 3 Comments

There's nothing quite like an app developer going insane before your eyes, and that's what makes Lovematically so disturbing.


The Guys From Fall Out Boy Are Bringing You ‘Fall Out Bird’ Because Enough Already


The guys from Fall Out Boy have designed 'Fall Out Bird' to fill the void left by the demise of the annoyingly difficult Flappy Bird.


A Brief Guide To Secret, The Internet’s Burn Book App


Secret is the newest way to communicate anonymously online, and it's a bizarrely compelling social experiment.


Facebook Unveils Facebook Paper, Its Flipboard Knockoff

By | 2 Comments

Facebook Paper wants to replace Flipboard, but it may wind up replacing your Facebook app.


Why Google And Facebook Both Offered Billions To Buy Snapchat

By | 3 Comments

Snapchat has turned down two multi-billion offers. But why did it even get them in the first place?

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MTV’s New Artists App Is…Actually Pretty Useful


MTV has an app that even people who hate modern MTV will probably want on their phone.


Uber Will Deliver Cuddly Kittens To Your Door Today

By | 5 Comments

Yes, Uber is delivering kittens. Here's how to get them.

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LinkedIn's Intro Email Plugin Is A Security Disaster

By | 3 Comments

LinkedIn has introduced Intro, so named because it will introduce people who send you email. And also introduce more hacking to your life.


Mayhem Miller’s Latest Arrest Happened Over Snapchat

By | 4 Comments

Jason Mayhem Miller got arrested for the third time in a month on 9/9, this time for sending an "I love you" message on Snapchat.


Five Apps Worth Downloading Right Now

By | 4 Comments

Hundreds of new apps hit the market on a daily basis, giving us assistance with just about anything we need in life but also littering the digital landscape making it hard to decide what's what.


Amazon Enables 1-Click Within All Your Android Apps

By | 2 Comments

Want to sell literally anything within your app? Meet the Amazon Mobile Associates API.


Netflix Launches Profiles, “Instant Queue” Becomes “My List”

By | 18 Comments

Netflix has been making a lot of changes as of late to keep up with their growing popularity.


‘Leftover Swap’ Will Allow People In San Francisco To Trade Or Buy Unwanted Food Items

By | 4 Comments

A new app called Leftover Swap is giving people in San Francisco the choice to trade or sell their extra or unwanted food items.


Locket Puts Ads On Your Lockscreen, Pays You For It

By | 5 Comments

The Locket app is probably the future of advertising: It puts ads on your lockscreen... and pays you for the privilege.


The New Google Maps For Android Is Really Great, But Not Perfect

By | 3 Comments

Google Maps gets an overhaul, and it's great... with a few sticking points.

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