An Illinois High Schooler Had His Entire School Locked Down Over An April Fools Shooting Prank

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Police from at least 10 departments responded to a shooting threat at an Illinois high school, and it turned out to be an April Fools joke.


Chris Petersen Played The Old 'New Uniforms' Trick On The Washington Huskies


Washington Huskies coach Chris Petersen proved that he's only creative in the playbook as he tried to prank his players with ugly uniforms.


Here's Everything Horrible About April Fools' Day In One Interview With Notre Dame Coach Mike Brey

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Notre Dame Men's Basketball Head Coach Mike Brey participated in a "bizarre" April Fool's Day joke that is just him lying and then everyone busting a gut.

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Music Artist PAZ Replaced 5,000 Justin Bieber CDs With His Own New Mixtape For April Fools' Day

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Los Angeles-based EDM artist PAZ replaced 5,000 Justin Bieber 'Believe' CDs in stores with his own new mixtape.


A South Carolina Woman Thought A College Shooting April Fools' Prank Was A Good Idea

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A South Carolina woman texted her daughter that she was hiding in a bathroom at a college after she her gunshots, but it was just a bad April Fools' prank.


Watch This Classic April Fools Joke Henry Winkler Pulled Over On ‘Hollywood Squares’ Host Tom Bergeron

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Back in 2003, Henry Winkler planted fake contestants on 'Hollywood Squares,' and their ensuing argument wreaked havoc on host Tom Bergeron.


Okay, Netflix’s April Fool’s Day Thing was Kinda Good

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I hesitate to praise anyone's April Fool's Day prank at all, because as a general rule, they're awful.

#X Men: Days of Future Past

Bryan Singer “pranked” Variety into thinking he’d cast Lady Gaga in X-Men

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We already discussed Netflix's April Fool's Day gag, which was actually the exception to the rule that April Fool's Day "jokes" are usually just plausible lies, which don't really qualify as jokes.


The Secret History Of Google Nose


Google Nose is fake. But the technology behind it? Most of that actually exists, and there are people trying to sell it to you.

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