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Watch This Dude Obliterate A Punching Bag Arcade Game With A Slick Spin Kick

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This guy just decided to show off his skill and spin kick the hell out of this boxing arcade game. Check it out.


This Lady’s Pop-A-Shot Mastery Will Blow Your Mind

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A woman playing Pop-A-Shot fires in her shots rapid-fire style and MAKES THEM ALL. This is one of the great moments of arcade athleticism.


SHOCKER: Those Claw Crane Machines? Totally Rigged!

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Apparently making kids gamble is AOK as long as the odds of payoff are relatively high and they get a toy. We're an awful country.

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If You Use Fake Arcade Tokens You're Going To Jail (If You're Chinese)


A woman in China has been sentenced to 8 months in prison for using fake arcade tokens. Harsh.


Kid With Awesome Cardboard Arcade Gets College Scholarship

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Remember Caine Monroy, the resourceful, creative, and adorable 9-year-old from East L.


Awesome 9-Year-Old Kid Builds Awesome Cardboard Arcade

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Arcades may be rapidly fading away, but don't tell that to Caine Monroy.


A Japanese Senior Citizen Has Been Going Around Robbing Arcades


Believe it or not, Japan has a real problem in the form of "elder crime.

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