UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘Space Race: Part 1’ With Background Director Jon Bass

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Tonight marks the first half of "Space Race," the two-part Archer season finale with guest star and UPROXX favorite, Bryan Cranston.


UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘Bloody Ferlin’ With Associate Art Director Chad Hurd

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Tonight we welcome Archer Associate Art Director Chad Hurd to our season long discussion as the show escorts us into the backwoods of West Virginia, Archer-style, with "Bloody Ferlin.


UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘Lo Scandalo’ With Art Director Neal Holman

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Tonight we welcome Archer Art Director Neal Holman to Fort Kick*ss to join in on our discussion of the highly anticipated "Lo Scandolo.


UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘Drift Problem’ With Producer Casey Willis

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Off the heels of our delightful conversation with Executive Producer Matt Thompson last week, today we welcome Producer Casey Willis (this guy) to the party for tonight's episode, "Drift Problem," which guest stars the one and only George Takei.


UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘The Limited’ With Executive Producer Matt Thompson

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We'll be going in a slightly different direction this week as we up the conversation ante with a special guest, Archer Executive Producer, Matt Thompson.


UPROXX ‘Archer’ Live Blog: ‘The Man From Jupiter’

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Today's installment of UPROXX Archer Week also doubles as an intro to our new weekly recurring segment where we all come together and celebrate the best animated comedy television has to offer.

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