China Has Designed The Perfect Desk To Keep Your Cat Off Your Laptop Once And For All


To solve this problem of cats sitting on laptops, a design company has created this interactive piece of furniture.


Heathrow Has To Hire Acrobats To Replace Its Lightbulbs


Heathrow Airport's terminal five is so well-designed, they have to hire circus performers to replace their light bulbs. Yes, they're actually doing this.

#game of thrones

Video: The Architect Of The Capitol Received A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Mashup Treatment


The Architect of the Capitol released an animated video of the history of Capitol Hill and someone dubbed the Game of Thrones theme song over it.


The Building That Refused to Die

A demolition team in Australia was left red-faced after the giant building they were trying to bring down got stuck leaning to one side.


Allow Moby To Take You On An Architectural Tour Of LA

It's still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that noted rawdog enthusiast Moby is now an LA guy.

los angeles

Ice Cube Takes You On An Architectural Tour Of Los Angeles

Did you know that Ice Cube studied architectural drafting prior to becoming a rapper.

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