People Actually Believed Argentina’s President Adopted A Jewish Boy To Stop His Change Into A Werewolf

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An urban legend mixed with some truth had people believing that Argentina's president adopted a boy to stop a werewolf transformation.


Watch Serge Ibaka’s Brute Block & Alley-Oop Jam

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The last we saw Serge Ibaka, he was coming back from a calf strain before Game 3 to help the OKC Thunder even the Western Conference Finals before losing in six to the eventual champion Spurs.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Bo Dallas Has A Motivational Message For Every Sad Miami And Argentina Fan In The World

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WWE's Bo Dallas has a motivational message for anyone sad about LeBron James or the results of the World Cup final. What a nice guy!

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Germany Defeats Argentina In Dramatic World Cup Finale

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Germany vanquished Argentina in 120 minutes of chippy, impassioned football.

#LeBron James

LeBron Likens Messi’s Game-Winning World Cup Assist To Making The “Right Play”


During Argentina's 1-0 win over Switzerland in the Round of 16 of the World Cup yesterday, one of the biggest names in fútbol came through in the clutch.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Things Got Pretty Ugly Between Brazilian And Argentinian World Cup Fans

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After the bars closed in Belo Horizonte, Brazil this morning, World Cup fans showed their national pride by throwing bottles at other fans.


Hey Everyone, Come See How Unique And Original Dennis Rodman Is!

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Dennis Rodman was one of the former NBA players at an exhibition game in Argentina this weekend, and of course he dressed like the unique soul that he is.


Argentine Soccer Fans Throw Furniture At Team President


The president of Argentine soccer team Independiente held a meeting with fans at the end of their disappointing season, and it didn't go very well.


A Horrible Week Of Soccer Bullsh*t Ends In a Riot Between Fans, Players, Ball Boys, Swat Teams

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We use the "REASONS TO HATE SOCCER" tag pretty liberally at With Leather, but this has been one of the worst-ever weeks to be a soccer fan.


People Are Still Throwing Explosives At Soccer Players

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I'm not going to call them "grenades" anymore because people on the Internet know way too much about the semantics of what is and isn't a grenade ("grenades have shrapnel.


Hedge Fund Manager Repossesses Argentinian Navy’s Flagship


Because you can just totally take military equipment! That's totally allowed!


Manu Ginobili Says Argentina Has A 5-10 Percent Chance Of Beating The United States


Team USA is just two wins away from winning a gold medal and continuing their dominance in the international competition.


Video: Leandro Barbosa Drops Andres Nocioni On His Face With An Ankle-Breaking Move


While Brazil wasn't able to pull out a win against Argentina yesterday, Leandro Barbosa dropped 23 points and Andres Nocioni.


Carmelo Anthony’s Balls May Not Make It Out Of England Alive

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Carmelo Anthony has single-handedly destroyed entire nations during the 2012 Summer Olympics, so it should come as no surprise that some countries would love to run up and punch him in the dick.


Video: Andre Iguodala With Team USA’s Biggest Olympic Blooper


It might be hard to recall, but before Team USA wiped Argentina off the court in the second half, there was a ballgame going on.


Video: Russell Westbrook’s Supersonic Tomahawk Over Argentina


Russell Westbrook, to some, is part of the new breed of guards who can attack the rim like a forward but with all the handle of a point.

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