Ariana Grande Will Be The Halftime Performer At This Year’s NBA All-Star Game

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Ariana Grande announced as the halftime performer for the NBA's 2015 All-Star Game.


Lea Michele And Ariana Grande Will Star In Ryan Murphy’s New Show

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Ryan Murphy won't stop until he's created every third show on TV.


Watch Ariana Grande Get Bang Banged Into Her Face By A Victoria’s Secret Model’s Wing

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This Ariana Grande blooper captured her bad side and here is the Vine to prove it.


Ariana Grande Has A Deranged Fan Who Sent Her A 42-Pound Pumpkin

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Ariana Grande has been getting extra attention from a 29-year-old fan who's been sending her a lot of strange gifts in the mail.


‘SNL’ Season 40 Premiere Discussion: Chris Pratt And Ariana Grande

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A recap and discussion of last night's "SNL" premiere, with host Chris Pratt and musical guest Ariana Grande.


Here Are Some Hilarious ‘SNL’ Premiere Promos Featuring Chris Pratt, Ariana Grande, And A Lot Of Pickles

By | 25 Comments

The first batch of promos for the 'SNL' season premiere have arrived, featuring some hilarious bits with Chris Pratt and Kate McKinnon.

Mayim Bialik

‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik Just Called Out Ariana Grande

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'The Big Bang Theory' actress is slamming the tiny diva for her racy new billboard ads.


Here Are The Photos Tiny Diva Ariana Grande Doesn’t Want You To See

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For such a small person, Ariana Grande has a huge list of demands.

#Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Reports On The World’s Biggest Geopolitical Event Right Now: ‘The Invasion Of Boobistan’


Stephen Colbert discusses the nude photo scandal involving Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Arian Grande, and other starlets.

nude photos leaked

Reps For Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Winstead, And Victoria Justice Respond To The Nude Photo Leak

By | 56 Comments

A few of the celebs featured in today's hacked nude photos have responded. Unsurprisingly, they're not happy.

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