A Visual History Of Nolan Gould’s Hover Hands Around His ‘Modern Family’ Sisters

By | 54 Comments

Nolan Gould may play an idiot on TV, but he's smart enough in real life to not be a creepy around his "Modern Family" sisters.


Where On Earth (And Beyond) Will ‘Modern Family’ Take Its Characters This Season?

By | 44 Comments

Season 6 of the Emmy Darling 'Modern Family' debuts next week, and we can be sure that the Pritchetts are in for wild adventures.


Why ‘Modern Family’ — The Most Formulaic Show On TV — Is An Emmys Favorite

By | 60 Comments

'Modern Family' is anything but perfect, so why has it won Outstanding Comedy Series at the Emmys five years running?

stage moms

Update: Ariel Winter’s Mom Still Seems Like A Pretty Awful Human Being

By | 25 Comments

An update on the custody case between "Modern Family's" Ariel Winter and her mother, who seems like a truly awful person.


Judge Removes ‘Modern Family’s’ Ariel Winter From Her Mother After Abuse

By | 37 Comments

The sister of Ariel Winter sought to care for her, after allegations of physically and verbal abuse.


So Batman's Robin Is A Girl Now?

By | 66 Comments

My DC comic book knowledge is pretty limited, so please forgive my ignorance, but apparently the new animated Batman films, The Dark Knight Returns Pt.

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