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Notable Quotable – Glasses Malone’s “May 1st”

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"Wiz turned the kids into some grass hypes Only thing higher is the gas price Can’t blame 'em, rest of us preaching ave life As if niggas on the ave really have life (really) If we do, we clutching 44 mags tight Mask on, nigga tryin to get our cash right Type nigga have a reverend scared Up in everywhere with some dollar in the register (run that shit) Brought terror, terror, terror like a red alert Shit, in your darkest moments when the devil lurks When its all pink notices in ya mailbox Last pack of Top Ramen® on the shelf top Them situations bring the beast out a nigga And they wonder why our fingers stay squeezed around triggers Ever felt the pressure all that poverty provide Desperation and morale start to steadily collide Being called a 'deadbeat,' make you wish you weren't alive So you make 'em feel the heat from the second you arrive That’s how you ride It is what it is, nigga do what it gotta when it's time to feed the kids Guess it's all 'gon change since Osama died Guess it's all 'gon change.


Frank Ocean – “Songs For Women” Video

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2011/03/download-frank-ocean-nostalgia-ultra-mixtape"> Frank Ocean's Nostalgia Ultra: strong enough for a man but made for a women. There's a level of ingenuity in creating asexual slow grooves that don't fully get recognized as they should, yet Frankie O. managed to harness the chemical imbalances of R&B to both sides. It's astronomical. It's magic. Give that aggin a top hat and call him the Ghetto Houdini. The accompanying video for "Songs For Women" is such a feat where at first glance it may seem like it only appeals to the alpha male. But the clip ultimately gives the ladies a reason to feel sexy in their own skin as well, subsequently permitting everybody to meet in the middle for the music. Voilà. Related: <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2011/04/on-frank-ocean-asking-repetition">On Frank Ocean, Asking & Repetition</a>.

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