We Need To Have A Serious Discussion About Otey, The Arkansas Travelers’ Horrifying Possum Mascot

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The Arkansas Travelers have introduced two new mascots: a handsome horse fellow and OH GOD WHAT IS THIS POSSUM HOW DID IT GET IN THE HOUSE, KILL IT, KILL IT

An Arkansas Middle School Teacher Accidentally Showed A Homemade Sex Tape To A Classroom Full Of Students

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A middle school teacher in Little Rock is in hot water after showing her class a video of her "performing sex acts on her fiancé."


Pantsless Woman Tried to Flee DUI on a Power Wheels Truck

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A drunk woman crashed her Pontiac Grand Am into the side of a mobile home yesterday before attempting to flee on a tiny, battery-powered Power Wheels truck, all while pantsless.


Peter Jackson trying to embarrass West Memphis 3 prosecutor

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Surprise, surprise, it seems that between filming 12 hours of hobbits walking around, Peter Jackson found time to actually do something interesting.


11-Year Old Demias Jimerson Benched For Being Good At Football

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Did you ever have a moment in school where your teacher asked a question and you raised your hand, but you'd already answered too many questions that day, so she didn't call on you and asked the class if anybody else knew the answer.


Naked Man Found Dead in Hot Tub with TV Weatherman After Gay S&M Drug Party

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My father always told me, "Son, any time you wake up next to a dead man who's wearing nothing but a dog collar, you're either in a North Vietnamese prison camp or you threw one helluva party.


George Takei Makes Twitter A Better Place


Anyone with a Twitter account should be following <a href="">George Takei</a>, who famously played Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, and yet of the millions of people Tweeting, only 170,000 are following him.


‘And There Ain’t No Flags!’

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Burnsy dropped off this video before he left the With Leather offices for the day; all we know about this video, we gathered from the title, "Arkansas High School Football Announcer Loses His Mind.


First Rule Of Toddler Fight Club: You Do Not Talk About Toddler Fight Club

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I'm the last person on earth that would advocate violence perpetrated against children (publicly, at least), but there's something about this story that strikes me as hilarious.



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Blytheville, Arkansas police were searching for a 'Travis Henderson' who had failed to appear in court on a reckless driving charge, when they discovered a man who answered to that name.

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