Vakill – “Armor Of God” Video (Prod. By Jake One)

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Jake Uno <a href="">continues</a> to lend Vakill more layers in his rap shield has he takes Chicago under seige in his latest chronicle of war.


Vakill – “I Came 4 U” Video

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<a href=""> <a href="">Vakill</a> surrounded by the sounds of strings, courtesy of producer Panik.


Vakill – “Armorgeddon” (Prod. By Jake One)

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<a href=""> The first leak off of Vakill's Armor Of God album titled "Armorgeddon" produced by Jake One and, to be totally honest, I listened to thirty seconds and stopped. Rarely am I one to avoid leaks but I want to digest AOG as a whole once it drops instead of in bits and pieces. He's been gone too long for me to get neither too hype nor discouraged by early listens. But the mere seconds I listened? Yeah, he hasn't lost a f*ckin' stride. The new joint is available for pre-order on <a href="">the Molemen site</a> and there's all kinds of packaging extras available including autographed CDs, the brand new Armor of God t-shirt and album instrumentals.

Worst Fears Confirmed

Vakill Returns With Armor Of God

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<a href=""> Once upon a time, <a href="">Vakill</a> was a threat to every emcee walking.

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