A Woman Was Arrested For Allegedly Masturbating While In Handcuffs During ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

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After weeks of waiting, someone finally got arrested for allegedly masturbating while watching 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'.


Power Rangers Actor Released Without Criminal Charges In Roommate’s Death By Sword Stabbing

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Ricardo Medina, Jr., from 'Power Rangers Wild Force' and 'Power Rangers Samurai', is reportedly cleared of roommate's stabbing death.


A Former Power Ranger Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Killing His Roommate With A Sword

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Ricardo Medina, Jr., from 'Power Rangers Wild Force' and 'Power Rangers Samurai', has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Jasmine Tridevil

Three-Boobed Woman Jasmine Tridevil Was Arrested For DUI Over Twice The Legal Limit

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This will come as a huge surprise but Jasmine Tridevil, the woman with three boobs, has been arrested for driving under the influence.


The Lead Singer Of Puddle Of Mudd Was Reportedly Bailed Out Of Jail By A Fan

By | 8 Comments

Wes Scantlin has been in trouble with the law more times than Puddle of Mudd had hits


This Lovely Couple Thought They Were Trapped In An Unlocked Closet Filled With Their Own Poop For Days

By | 29 Comments

A Florida couple got stuck in an unlocked closet, possibly while high on meth.


Meet The Man Who Responded To His Mug Shot On The Police Station’s Facebook Page

By | 36 Comments

A man arrested in Ohio responded to the Police's Facebook post about the arrest with his side of the story.


Watch This Very Ambitious Florida Shoplifter Try To Stuff A Chainsaw In His Shorts


A Port St. Lucie man was arrested after he was caught on video putting a chainsaw down his shorts and leaving a store.


Alan Cumming Gives His Point Of View Of Shia LaBeouf’s Drunken ‘Cabaret’ Outburst


Alan Cumming was at the receiving end of Shia LaBeouf's drunken Broadway tantrum and now he's talking about it with Conan.


A Beer Pong Match In Texas Got Ugly When The Losers Opened Fire

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Two men reportedly fired into a crowd at a party after they'd lost a game of beer pong.


Proof That The Worst Pizza Topping Really Is Some Guy’s Balls

By | 13 Comments

A Texas teenager has been arrested for rubbing his balls on a customer's pizza without their consent.


A Former Power Ranger Has Been Using His Stuntman Training To Rob Homes

By | 9 Comments

It's hard out there for a Ranger, apparently, as a former member of the show has been robbing houses.


A Man Busted For Meth Tricked The Police (And TMZ) Into Thinking He Was Scott Weiland

By | 2 Comments

A hilariously dumb mistake by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office led to TMZ reporting that singer Scott Weiland was in jail for meth.


A 7-Year Old Florida Boy Told On His Mom For Having A Meth Lab In Her Trunk

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A Florida woman was arrested after her 7-year old son told her landlord about the bag of meth-cooking equipment in her trunk.


Watch As A Getty Photographer Gets Arrested In Ferguson This Evening

By | 12 Comments

A veteran Getty photographer was arrested in Ferguson today, as video reveals him claiming that he failed to stay within a required area.

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