Former Marvel Artists Say The ‘Iron Man’ Movies Illegally Use Their Armor Design


Artists Ben and Ray Lai have filed a lawsuit against Marvel, alleging that the body armor design from the Iron Man films is taken from designs for their own comic book Radix.


Meet The Man Who Painted A Portrait Of Kim Kardashian’s Butt With His Penis


Remember way back in November when Paper magazine revealed a cover that featured Kim Kardashian balancing a champagne glass on her impossibly large ass.


Check Out ‘Bricksy,’ Jeff Friesen’s LEGO Tribute To Banksy’s Greatest Works

Lego artist Jeff Friesen has attempted to brighten Banksy's street art a little by recreating them using the toy bricks.


An Anonymous Artist Is Drawing Random People’s Nonsensical Tweets


Your random nonsense on Twitter could wind up in a Drawn Your Tweet masterpiece.


Kristen Stewart Is A Poet Now And Wrote Some Beautiful Words About Wiffle Ball


In a new interview with Marie Claire, Kristen Stewart reveals her artistic side with a poem about wiffle ball or something.


Is Someone Really Going To Pay $110,000 For George Zimmerman’s Painting?


With three days left on the eBay auction, bidding for George Zimmerman's first piece of art is already up to more than $110,000.


Meet The Israeli Artist Who Turns Your Old Bicycle Chains Into Dog Sculptures

Back when I was in college, I used to go to the campus police bicycle auction each semester, partly because I thought it was really f*cked up that they just took random bikes that belonged to random people who may have vanished from the face of the Earth for all we know, and partly because I needed a bike.


Watch Artist Patrick Vale Draw The Manhattan Skyline With A Pen

I've always been quietly envious of people who can draw. The guy in this video, Patrick Vale, is one of those people and Jesus Christ is he good.


The Incredible Portrait In Portrait Art Of Kim Dong Yoo

Celebrity artwork is nothing new, as people have loved painting celebrities, actors and entertainers ever since Leonardo DaVinci created a portrait of his favorite reality starlet, Mona Lisa.

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Finally, Artistic Peeing Is An Actual Contest

We don’t often get to talk about art around these parts, and that’s a shame, because I like to fancy myself one classy son of a female dog.

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