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With Leather's Watch This: Please Bring Back 'Battle Of The Network Stars'

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I know you will all be watching Monday Night Raw on the heels of last week’s “Not terrible” show, especially since The Rock will be appearing tonight to say witty things that people repeat in unison.

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Olivia Wilde Gave The Jayhawks ‘Some Pointers’, Us The Easiest Joke Of 2013

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Okay, well technically it was the easiest joke of 2012, because Olivia Wilde attended the Kansas Jayhawks’ 89-57 drubbing of American University this past Saturday night.

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Who Ice-T, Indeed

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There's a lot of TV news floating around right now.


Move Over, Ashley Judd

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For far too long, actress Ashley Judd has been the face of University of Kentucky men’s basketball fanfare, as the UK alum is often seen celebrating courtside or cheering with the student body during big games at Rupp Arena.


A heart-warming tale of bionic dolphins and Harry Connick Jr.

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I've been following Dolphin's Tale, the heartwarming tale of a robo-dolphin from the director of Air Bud, since I first heard about it, and if ComingSoon's latest set pictures prove anything, it's that it's happening.


Morgan Freeman plays doctor who builds tails for crippled dolphins

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Folks, I don't always report casting news from the trades, but then, not every trade rundown includes Morgan Freeman, the director of Air Bud, and MARINE BIOLOGIST HARRY CONNICK JR.

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Kentucky’s Untouchables: The Greatest College Basketball Team Ever

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Known as a basketball institution, the Kentucky Wildcat basketball program is widely regarded as one of the best programs in all of college sports.



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Crossing Over is another Crash clone set in the intense boiling racial melting pot cauldron of Los Angeles, where caricatures from all over the world come to get caught up in a series of sensationalistic vignettes about important social issues.

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