Welcome To ‘Fat Hollywood’, Deviant ART’s Huge Obsession With Obese Actresses

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If I’ve learned anything in all of these years on this crazy spinning rock, it’s that the Internet is a place of many, many, many, many (a million times more) different tastes, and rather than try to understand them all, I should just accept most of them.

ashley tisdale

Nick Offerman Reads More Tweets From Young Female Celebrities


Nick shares the eternal wisdom of Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and others in the fifth edition of "Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation Reads Tweets From Young Female Celebrities.


Ashley Tisdale Will Whore Herself Out on 'Sons of Anarchy'

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Ashley Tisdale -- who most of you probably know best as.

dat ass

Ashley Tisdale Would Like To Show You Her Butt

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If someone held a gun to my head and demanded that I explain who Ashley Tisdale is or else take a bullet to the brain I would only be able to respond by saying, "Something something.


What Do Louis C.K. and Ashley Tisdale Have In Common?

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Outside of the fact that they both recorded songs called "Hot Mess," nothing.


‘Hellcats’ Looks Original

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"Hellcats" is the CW's new show about college cheerleading debuting September 8th.

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