Wait, There’s Life On Saturn’s Moon, Titan? We Explain.

By | 13 Comments

Titan, a moon of Saturn, may just have a form of life impossible on Earth. In theory, at least. We explain.


Get Ready For The ‘Is Pluto A Planet?’ Debate To Fire Up Again

By | 18 Comments

Pluto may return to being a planet, scientifically speaking. But it'll always be a planet in our hearts.


Making ‘Interstellar’ A Reality: A Practical Guide

By | 2 Comments

'Interstellar' have you ready to take over a new planet? Here's how we'll actually make that happen.


UCLA Astronomers Reveal The Truth Behind The Glow Cloud At The Center Of Our Galaxy

By | 5 Comments

They did it without running at it and waving their arms around and shouting, too.


Why Pluto Might Be A Planet Again: An Explainer

By | 27 Comments

Pluto might be coming back to the roster of planets, if a recent debate is any indication. Here's why.

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Grab Your Parka, We’ve Discovered The Coldest Brown Dwarf Yet!

By | 6 Comments

Astronomer Kevin Luhman has found a brown dwarf star only 7.2 light years away, the coldest ever discovered. And it is actually cold.


GZA Rapped About The Big Bang Theory At The University Of Toronto

By | 6 Comments

During his lecture at the University of Toronto, GZA offered a sample of his upcoming album with a rap about the Big Bang Theory.

vampire stars

There Might Be Fewer Black Holes That We Thought. And More Vampire Stars.

By | 7 Comments

Yes, vampire stars exist already. But they are apparently a lot more common than we may think.


Four Recently Discovered Planets That Are Ideal Horror Movie Settings

By | 5 Comments

The universe is a vast place, full of planets that are horrifying. Here are four of them!

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Want To See A Big-Ass Solar Eruption?

By | 8 Comments

NASA has assembled video of it. In multiple formats. And it's free.

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Ouliang Chang Would Like To Build A Supercomputer On The Moon

By | 2 Comments

OK, science, why are we not building a supercomputer on the moon right now?


Jupiter Just Took An Asteroid For Us

By | 8 Comments

An asteroid that might have been heading for Earth has hit Jupiter. Thanks Jupiter...

the beginnings of life

Sugar Found Floating Around Sun-Like Star

By | 5 Comments

So, uh, hey, we may have just found a key puzzle piece in the riddle of how life came to Earth. No biggie.


Black Holes Burp Gamma Rays


You don't want to know what they fart out.


Mad Science Friday: Animals Suck, and Plants are Evil


Mad Science Friday lays out why animals are awful and plants suck worse.


Pluto Has A Fifth Moon — Does This Mean It Can Be A Planet Again?

By | 3 Comments

Pluto may no longer be a planet according to stick-in-the-mud scientists out to make my childhood space atlas obsolete, but Pluto's downgrade doesn't seem to be having any effect on its ability to attract moons.

striking images

Here's a Carbon Star Dying to Finish Out Your Day

By | 2 Comments

This carbon star is nearly dead...but it looks fabulous.


Inside NASA's Cheap, Awesome Folding Telescope


The NuSTAR (Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array) is tiny, by satellite standards.


Your Oh Crap Moment Of The Day: Black Holes Can Move. Fast.

By | 2 Comments

So, NASA's Chandra Laboratory has discovered something that's freaking terrifying: black holes don't necessarily stay in their home galaxies.

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