The Scripps Spelling Bee Co-Champions Faced Off In An Urban Dictionary Competition

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Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe, the first Scripps Spelling Bee co-champs since 1962, tried to settle their rivalry with Urban Dictionary.


Watch Molly Schuyler House Two 72 Ounce Steaks In 15 Minutes

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Molly Schuyler not only shattered Joey Chestnut's record for eating the Big Texan steak, but she ate a second one just for emphasis.


A Definitive Ranking Of The Most Adorable Photos From The 138th Annual Westminster Dog Show

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While the Best in Show is still coming up, here is a ranking of the most adorable photos taken at the 138th Westminster Dog Show.

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A Beauty Pageant In The United Arab Emirates Will Award $15 Million… To A Camel


More than 1,000 people are currently vying for a $15 million prize in a beauty pageant for their camels in the United Arab Emirates.


And The Winner Of The 2013 Miss Pole Dance South America Competition Is…

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Men and women from across South America gathered in Buenos Aires for the 2013 Miss Pole Dance South America competition yesterday.


Introducing ‘Flaming Jenga,’ Maybe The Worst Idea Of The Year

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Flaming Jenga is just like regular Jenga, except the tower is on fire and your house will probably burn down.


A Blindfolded Chess Grandmaster Defeated 10 Prison Inmates At The Same Time

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Chess grandmaster Timur Gareev defeated 10 prison inmates in 10 separate games of chess at the same time, all while blindfolded.


Kate Upton Is The 2013 Model Of The Year

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Supermodel Kate Upton will be named the 2013 Model of the Year at tomorrow night's Annual Style Awards at Fashion Week.


Let’s Get Hyped As Balls For The Return Of The World Testicle Cooking Championship

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First of all, big ups to Getty Images for having 38 pages of "testicle" options.


The 2013 World Yo-Yo Contest Champion Is Pretty Damn Good With A Yo-Yo

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I don’t know what I love more about this video of Janos Karancz performing in the finals of the 2013 World Yo-Yo Contest: - How calm and cool he looks as he just yo’s and yo’s like that yo-yo is his little round beeyotch on a string.


Terrible News, Bros: The Miss World Pageant Has Enacted A Bikini Ban

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There are several reasons that I don’t talk about organized religion at all, with the most notable being that the Vatican threatened to have me killed after my 600th request to replace the Virgin Mary in art with pictures of Kate Upton.


Philadelphia Is Hosting A Masturbate-A-Thon For National Masturbation Month

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For those of you who don’t own the 2013 With Leather Calendar of Things You Probably Shouldn’t Know Exist*, May is National Masturbation Month, or as millions of men around the world call it – May.


It's Friday So Here's A GIF Tribute To Heroic Girls With Hula Hoops

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One of the best perks of this gig, behind only working in my underwear and making Photoshops of Channing Tatum, is that people often send me very strange links, images and videos under the assumption that I’m into that kind of stuff.


Meet The Bros Who Have Been Playing A Game Of Tag For The Past 23 Years

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For the first time in 11 years, my Brian Dennehy Google News alert finally paid off as I saw that he’d started a new job as the chief marketing officer for Nordstrom, and that at least sounded a little better than making cameos on random TNT dramas.


Move Over, Shakira: Meet The Woman With The World Record 8-Foot Hips

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It has been a while since we last checked in on some of the more unique world record holders, from the world’s fattest woman to the other world’s fattest woman, as well as all of their lovers that have come and gone in between.

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The 'World's Shortest Escalator' Is The Laziest Thing You'll See This Week

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In only a week, YouTube user “hippykiller1” – a handle after my own heart – has amassed more than 5.


Everybody Needs To Send Their Christmas Cards To This Kid Immediately

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When it comes to Christmas and birthday cards, I’ve always been a lot like Jerry Seinfeld in the sense that I’ve never known how long you’re supposed to keep a card for.


If You Thought You Sucked At Golf Before, Watch This Guy Use A 14-Foot Driver

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Real Talk: I’ve been getting really tired of all of these stupid “online petitions” to the White House for Barack Obama to do this or that in regard to something incredibly meaningless, like forcing Jerry Jones to sell the Dallas Cowboys or “pardoning” the Ohio State Buckeyes for Jim Tressel’s cheating ways or saving dying kids in Kapoopystan.

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