Women Pole Dancing For Charity? Yes Please

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We’ve made no secret in the past that us gentleman at With Leather are huge supporters of women who believe that pole dancing is a sport.


Forget Turkey, Here’s The Bro Who Broke The World Record For Swallowing Swords

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According to <a href="">the Sword Swallowers Association</a> – which I swear is safe for work – Ian Brown is a relative newcomer to the world of sticking dangerous blades into one’s esophagus, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not trying to figuratively carve his niche.


It’s The Best Of The 2012 Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade Contest

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The hardest part of owning a dog isn’t training it and remembering to do all the small things like feeding, walking and bathing it, nor is it teaching it how to run up to big breasted women with a rose in its mouth and a tiny little envelope with a hotel room key attached to its collar.


Female Arm Wrestling Is Here And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

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A while back, some of the FilmDrunk Commentariat and I were helping one of the female commenters come up with a name for her new roller derby schtick, and this made us all very happy because we love any opportunity to come up with ridiculous puns.


Florida Man Wins Live Python In Insect Eating Contest, Dies Too Quickly To Enjoy It

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*grabs morning newspaper, sits down in favorite recliner, reads "Florida Man Died", takes sip from coffee, sits back* A man from West Palm Beach died after eating dozens of cockroaches and worms as part of an eating contest, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.


Tails Of Success: Fifi Bottomley Is The World’s Greatest Fitness Story


With so much global attention being focused on the promotion of both healthy bodies and body image acceptance, it’s sometimes nice to see stories about people who have taken up weight loss challenges and followed through.


Miss Bum Bum Brasil Looks Like The Greatest Pageant Of All-Time

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Controversial Statement of the Day: Brazilian women are awesome.


The 2012 ‘Running Of The Wieners’ Is Something That You Should Watch

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I’m going to stir some controversy today that doesn’t involve the NFL, because I’m a button-pusher, but I’m honest.


A Minnesota Casino Broke The World Record For Reasons Why The World Hates America


Nothing says Labor Day quite like spending four hours to make one hamburger, but that’s what the staff at the Black Bear Casino Resort chose to do in breaking the world record for the largest bacon cheeseburger.


Joey Chestnut Eats 8 Pounds Of Wings, Gloriously Uses Twitter For Poop Updates

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This video is nearly 17 minutes long and is incredibly boring -- at one point the cameraperson seems to forget they're taping a competition at all and just films peoples' shoulders -- but it's necessary to illustrate Joey Chestnut's remarkable win at the 2012 Buffalo Wing Festival, and punctuate what a gross f**king human being he is.


Insert Happy Ending Joke Here


Sometimes I just don’t understand how people come up with their world record attempts other than the standard excuse of, “We just felt like it.


Embrace Our Sexy Overlords: The New Bikini Parade World Record Belongs To China

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Last year, we brought you <a href="">the brave news of 357 Australian women</a> who gathered to raise awareness for the lack of women wearing bikinis on a beach one day while they also broke the Guinness World Record for the longest bikini parade.


The World's Fattest Woman Is Losing Weight… Try And Guess How

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Last year, <a href="">we were introduced to Pauline Potter</a>, the World’s Heaviest Living Woman according to the Guinness Book of World Records and <a href="">despite what Susanne Eman might have to say about it</a>.


Introducing Mugly, The World's Ugliest Dog!

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While we certainly enjoy the big time dog shows like the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and Purina’s National Dog Show, they’re mostly a little too 1% for our tastes.

why god why?

The Best Of The 2012 Old Timey Coney Island Strong Man Spectacular

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If I had to define and specifically choose one dream job for myself for the next 365 days of my life, I’d want to travel around the country, attending the most bizarre and ridiculous competitions.


With Leather, With Love: The World's Fattest Woman Is Getting Married!

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There are some days that I look up at the sky and wonder if the world really is coming to an end, and today’s not just one of those days.


Air Sex World Championship Preliminaries Happened Last Night In Austin

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There are two major perks to living in Austin, Texas, and I'll let you decide which one is better: 1.


The Best Of The 2012 Drake University Beautiful Bulldog Contest

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Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 103rd annual Drake Relays at Drake University, at which more than 8,000 athletes and spectators will gather to participate in the record 120 events at this year’s competition.

#Iron Man

Finally, Artistic Peeing Is An Actual Contest


We don’t often get to talk about art around these parts, and that’s a shame, because I like to fancy myself one classy son of a female dog.

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