Jack Swagger Wants To Be WWE’s Next Breakout Movie Star


Could the Real American be the next superstar of comedy?


John Cena’s Heel Turn Is Finally About To Happen (In A Tina Fey Movie)


John Cena's signed on to be the bad guy in an upcoming Tina Fey/Amy Poehler film. The bad guys have to win in that movie, right?


Here’s Gina Carano In A Red Dress, Murdering An Entire Nightclub Of Bad Actors In ‘In The Blood’


Gina Carano is great at wearing a red dress. She can also beat up a nightclub full of people. Here is her doing both in the upcoming 'In The Blood.'


Here Are The 10 Worst Lines (And 1 Best Superman Punch) In The Trailer For Gina Carano’s ‘In The Blood’


Former MMA star Gina Carano's new movie IN THE BLOOD features Luis Guzman, Machete and some of the worst dialogue you've ever heard. Also it's FarCry 3?


Albert Pujols Can Tell You How To Get, How To Get To ‘Sesame Street’

On tomorrow's 'Sesame Street,' Angels slugger Albert Pujols stops by to tell us what it takes to be an athlete.


Shocking News: Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Wants To Be A Famous Actor


A few years ago, Strikeforce Women's Middleweight Championship challenger Gina Carano figured out that she was pretty and people liked her, so she stopped getting punched in the face for a living and started doing MMA fight scenes in movies like Haywire.


Anderson Silva And Edward James Olmos Will Star In A Shoot MMA Movie, If You Pay For It


Now that former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is a professional fight-thrower, he's got more time to pursue his TRUE love in life -- filming pointless cameos in low budget MMA films.


Chris Bosh Is Taking His Talents To The Disney Channel

I will probably never do a Sports On TV column for the Disney Channel hit 'Jessie.' Not that I wouldn't cover a kid's show -- I've already done SOTV entries for 'Arthur' and 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' after all -- but I lost track of what was going on on the Disney Channel when the Suite Life kids started living on a boat.


Matthew Stafford & Megatron’s Church Christmas Video Is A Religious Experience


Two days ago, when I compiled the Here's The Rest Of The Christmas Stuff post, my intention was to never write about Christmas again.


Shaq Can't Be The Orlando Magic GM Because His Movie Career Is Taking Off Again


As we discussed yesterday, people were a bit perplexed when TNT NBA analyst Shaquille O’Neal was suddenly mentioned as a candidate for the vacant Orlando Magic GM position, because he’d spent the last decade completely pissing all over the franchise that drafted him No.

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