Atlanta Hawks Drunken Lady Fan Brawl: Who Ya Got?

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-108299"></a>I've cued up this YouTube clip to the 1:30 mark so you can see a large (assumedly drunk) lady going HAM on a skinny (assumedly drunk) lady in the stands at an Atlanta Hawks game.


NBA Fast Break: Does Your Team Want Atlanta’s Josh Smith?

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The Atlanta Hawks would be happy to talk a trade with you.


Plenty Of Hops On Display For NBA’s Dr. Martin Luther King Day Showcase

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The NBA's traditional Martin Luther King Day "YOU GON' WORK" schedule remained intact yesterday.


Hawks Josh Smith Drops The Hammer On Brook Lopez

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Brook Lopez got a lot of little ballers in trouble for his actions last night.


Hawks Fan's Improbable Halfcourt Shot


An Atlanta Hawks fan takes a halfcourt shot with $1,000 on the line, and does something far more improbable than making it.


The Atlanta Hawks Host The Half-Court Shot To End All Half-Court Shots

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A guy went for a $1,000 shot from half court at an Atlanta Hawks game, and while I can't really say he made it, I CAN say he nailed it.


While In Atlanta, Russell Westbrook Had A Very Violent Dunk

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There aren't five better athletes in the NBA than Russell Westbrook.


T.I. To Provide Color Commentary For Hawks/Heat Game Tonight

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As if you needed another reason to watch a game that featured Ivan Johnson and the <a href="" target="_blank">best player on the planet</a> (amiright.


Jeff Teague, Kevin Durant Meet At The Rim And Teague Wins

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The bad news for Oklahoma City fans - they're 1-2 to start the season.


NBA Player Movement: Blake Griffin Signs $95 Million Extension, Rashard Lewis Wants A Ring

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Tuesday proved very eventful in NBA land, highlighted by a pair of All-Star power forwards opting to re-up with the teams that drafted them.


So The Nets Re-Signed Deron Williams For $98M. Where Do They Go From Here?

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Man, this Nets fan has been through it all since July 1st.


Jeff Teague And The Most Amazing Clutch Airball Ever

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For what it's worth, last night's Hawks and Celtics game was pretty bad.


Josh Smith Dunks On Serge Ibaka

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Two things we all know about <a href="">Josh Smith</a>: he can dunk and he can't hit the broad side of a barn with his jumper.


Atlanta Tops Forbes’ “America’s Most Miserable Sports City” List

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If you're a Atlanta fan, come on down, because the combined ineptitude of the Braves, Falcons and Hawks (and defected Thrashers) has earned Georgia's capital the dubious honor of being America's "Most Miserable Sports City," per <a href="">Forbes</a>.

weight watchers

What’s Worse: Weight Watchers Or The Atlanta Hawks?

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By way of <a href="">Awful Announcing</a> comes this charming clip the first quarter of Thursday's Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks game wherein Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller and Sir Charles Five Buck Box It Rocks It Rocks Barkley discussing Weight Watchers, Dwight Howard and how sad the Hawks are while accidentally mic'd and on-air.

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