So The Nets Re-Signed Deron Williams For $98M. Where Do They Go From Here?

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Man, this Nets fan has been through it all since July 1st.


Jeff Teague And The Most Amazing Clutch Airball Ever

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For what it's worth, last night's Hawks and Celtics game was pretty bad.


Josh Smith Dunks On Serge Ibaka

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Two things we all know about <a href="">Josh Smith</a>: he can dunk and he can't hit the broad side of a barn with his jumper.


Atlanta Tops Forbes’ “America’s Most Miserable Sports City” List

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If you're a Atlanta fan, come on down, because the combined ineptitude of the Braves, Falcons and Hawks (and defected Thrashers) has earned Georgia's capital the dubious honor of being America's "Most Miserable Sports City," per <a href="">Forbes</a>.

weight watchers

What’s Worse: Weight Watchers Or The Atlanta Hawks?

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By way of <a href="">Awful Announcing</a> comes this charming clip the first quarter of Thursday's Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks game wherein Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller and Sir Charles Five Buck Box It Rocks It Rocks Barkley discussing Weight Watchers, Dwight Howard and how sad the Hawks are while accidentally mic'd and on-air.


Full Court Press: How One Pick Clipped The Atlanta Hawks’ Wings

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New Atlanta Hawks owner Alex Meruelo recently said he intended to <a href="" target="_blank">bring a chip to Atlanta under his reign</a>.


The Atlanta Hawks Have Made History

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At some point today, the Atlanta Sprit Group will announce that they have sold the majority ownership stake of the Atlanta Hawks to Alex Meruelo, a Los Angeles business executive and founder of the Meruelo Group.


NBA Round-Up: You Stay Classy, Lakers

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As always, I'll only catch us up on Sunday's action, since nobody needs to know that the Memphis Grizzlies are still the hottest non-Miami team in the NBA Playoffs, and we certainly don't need to point out that Chris Bosh was more like Chris BOOSH against the Boston Celtics in Game 3.


Derrick Rose Dominates The Hawks, Drops Career-High

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Earlier this week, Derrick Rose was <a href="">named the NBA MVP</a> for the 2010-11 season.

NBA Playoffs

NBA Round-Up: Lakers Are In Trouble

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Dallas Mavericks 93, LA Lakers 81 (Series: 2-0 DAL) Perhaps they were merely recognizing me by chanting Boo-urns, but it sure did sound like Lakers fans were unhappy with their team’s performance last night.

NBA Playoffs

NBA Round-Up: Maybe Atlanta Is Good


Atlanta Hawks 103, Chicago Bulls 95 (Series: 1-0 ATL) Derrick Rose will be named the NBA’s MVP today, drawing ire and criticism from the people who believe that LeBron James and his multiple Player of the Month awards should have sealed the deal.


NBA Round-Up: The Bulls Are OK*

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*I was very disappointed that CBS Sports used "Bulls on Parade" as their headline this morning.


NBA Round-Up: The Knicks Are Done


I'm only recapping yesterday's games, despite the fact that Saturday's games were great.


NBA Round Up: The Magic Are Back?

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Orlando Magic 88, Atlanta Hawks 82 I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist when it comes to sports, especially the NBA, so indulge me if you will.


Sunday Afternoon Hoops: Lakers Vs. Thunder, Heat Vs. Knicks & Hawks Vs. Trailblazers

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<a href=""> Until Paid In Full is properly recognized for the classic film it is, the Oscars will never really pique my interest. Sports provide more than enough drama anyway. The NBA, night and night out, has its far share. There was Carmelo-gate. Then came the trade deadline frenzy. Between those two, we had the "superstar team" debate and whether it was good for the league or not. And keep in mind this was all within the past month. So as we march towards the playoffs and a seemingly unavoidable lockout, these Sunday contests increase in significance and grandeur. A week removed from the <a href="">All-Star Game</a>, the league pitted three marquee contests on the slate with all six teams expected to spawn into key players come the tournament of 16.


Josh Smith Put Joel Anthony On SportsCenter

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<a href=""> Last night in Miami, the stage was set that pitted two streaks going in completely different directions against one another - the Heat's three game skid and the Hawks' four wins in a row on the road. Those not in support of the team in South Beach will be happy to know both streaks are still alive today. Thanks to impressive overtimes from both Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford, the Hawks walked away with a 93-89 victory. All that is well and good, but that picture you see above isn't posted for my health. Credit Greg Oden stunt double Joel Anthony - <a href="!/tomhaberstroh/status/27571191141113856">who joined</a> Wilt Chamberlain and Dennis Rodman as the only players since 1967 to finish a game with no field goal attempts and at least 16 rebounds - for attempting to allow no easy buckets.

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