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A Woman Lost Her Damn Mind Winning A $157,000 Audi On 'The Price Is Right'

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Check out this 'Price Is Right' celebration to end all celebrations while pondering how you'll pay for food next week, you poor bastard.

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Leonard Nimoy And Zachary Quinto Have A Battle Of The Spocks In An Audi Commercial

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Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto star in a three-minute comedy sketch released yesterday to promote the Audi S7. This video has everything.


Spock vs. Spock


Leonard Nimoy takes on Zachary Quinto in this new ad for the Audi S7.


Audi Paintball Duel


Two brand new 2013 RS 4 Avants with mounted paintball guns take over a military aircraft hangar and go head to head in the ultimate paintball duel.


In Photos: The 2012 New York International Auto Show

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NY finally got some of the best weather the city's seen since spring started.


This Is Literally Metal: The Awesome Scrap Metal Sculptures Of The Original Giants Of Steel


Earlier this month, car enthusiasts from around the world gathered in Frankfurt, Germany for the biennial Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, AKA the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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5.17 The Cooler

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Benita Marie Stephen Hawking: 'There Is No Heaven; It's A Fairy Story' [Guardian UK] Getting A College Education Is Just A Big Scam [Bol] Facebook Fail-Log: May Edition [Uproxx] Top 5 Dunks from Game 1 of Bulls/Heat Series [THD] Fox News More Concerned About Lindsay [...].


3.2 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Tahiti Cora Meme Watch: Charlie Sheen Quotes <a href="">[Warming Glow]</a> Christina Aguilera Arrested and Jailed for Public Intoxication <a href="">[Time]</a> Is The NBA Too Black For White Fans.


Audi’s Travolution Technology: Now Your Car Talks To Everything

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"Driver, please be prepared to turn right in three mi- HOLY SH-T A BIGFOOT ON YOUR LEFT.

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