Kyrie Irving Can’t Beat Denver By Himself; A Philly Surprise Erupts


Once we saw the schedule had Denver and Cleveland last night, we set our watches.


LeBron Gets An Interesting Reception Going Home; Linsanity Is Over… For Now

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Remember when a LeBron James visit to Cleveland came with an undeniable whiff of potential danger.

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“No LeBron, Mo Problems”

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That was Brent Barry's line before last night's Cavs/Spurs game, his way of saying Mo Williams needed to step up and lead Cleveland since LeBron was out with a sore ankle.

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Home-Cooked Meal

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For the second night in a row, Cavs/Hawks played out with postseason-type intensity, ratcheted up a notch because it came 24 hours after their last physical down-to-the-wire contest, and with an extra spotlight due to it being LeBron's birthday.


Bigger Fish to Fry

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In lieu of making yet another LeBron/Jay-Z analogy, let's put it this way: The Cavs are treating the Wizards like LL Cool J did Canibus.


Lamar Odom jumps the broom; Is LeBron James out for Team USA?

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Is it bad that we're still waiting for Lamar Odom to reveal this whole marrying-a-Kardashian thing is part of some giant prank.

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