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Here’s The Brilliant ‘Austin’ Intro From Last Night’s ‘The Daily Show’

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'The Daily Show' is in Austin this week and they created the perfect intro to celebrate their arrival.

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Farrah Abraham Is Working In An Austin Strip Club… For Research, You See

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Farrah Abraham is working an Austin strip club, but says she's only "job shadowing."

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Lance Hoyt Threatened To Kill Me. My Response Will Shock You! (It Won’t, I’m Terrified.)

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Last month, former WWE/TNA and current New Japan Pro Wrestling star Lance Hoyt said he'd find me and kill me. I responded. Send help.


President Obama Asked A Texas Man If He Was Gay, Leading To A Priceless Exchange

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President Obama walked into a Texas restaurant and asked the cashier if he was gay. It gets even better and better.


It Turns Out That Barack Obama Is A Line Cutter — What Else Don’t We Know?

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President Obama made a stop at Austin's famous Franklin Barbecue today and made everyone else in line wait like chumps.


Meet Marky Mark, The Squirrel That Comes Running When His Name Is Called

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An Austin man saved a baby squirrel from an electrical fire during SXSW and the two have since formed a delightfully adorable bond.

With Leather Sports Movie Review

‘Love & Air Sex’ Reviewed By A Guy Who Knows Way Too Much About Air Sex

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With Leather reviews 'Love & Air Sex,' a sports movie about the regrets that come with lost love and also people pretending to have sex with dinosaurs.


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 12/23/12: The War On Christmas Involves Bodyslamming

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Your open discussion thread for the Christmas edition of WWE Raw, live (on tape) from Austin, Texas. Look for me in the front row in the Indians hat.


And Now, The Biggest Cheapshot Of The Year Courtesy Of The Texas Longhorns

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Mike Davis of the Texas Longhorns took out an Iowa State Cyclones player with the cheapest shot you'll ever see. Absolutely disgraceful.


The Best Photos From Inspire Pro Wrestling: Wired For War (Featuring Your Ring Announcer, Me)

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Inspire Pro Wrestling held their second show in Austin, Texas, this weekend, and I was lucky enough to ring announce for them. Look at these crazy pics.


Johnny Football Gets Pissed On, Drinks Bevo Vomit In Latest Taiwan Animation

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I put that image up top so you'd know I wasn't f**king around with that headline.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 7/22/13: You’re Gonna Want To See How It Ends

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Pre-show notes: - Likes, tweets, shares on the sites you frequent and so on are greatly appreciated.

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WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 7/22/13: The One Where Daniel Bryan Is Weird At Comic-Con

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Hey Bryan, maybe you should've checked out the DC booth and gotten Jill Thompson to draw you.


Central Texas Just Got Radical: Austin Is Getting The X-Games

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Sure, Austin, TX, gets everything -- SXSW, a festival every weekend, an F1 race track out of nowhere and a reputation of not being as cool and weird as we claim that probably belongs to Portland -- so it is with local pride, sports enthusiasm and a sense of being super cool and weird that I tell you Austin's getting the X-Games.


Austin's KXAN Ruined Hockey For Everyone

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If you were watching Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals from anywhere outside of central Texas, you saw Brent Seabrook score a game-winning goal for the Chicago Blackhawks in sudden death overtime.


Google Fiber’s Next Stop: Austin

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Google Fiber is coming to Austin, and cable companies are nervous.


If You Haven’t Heard, I’m Making A Horror Movie, And This Guy’s Going To Be In It

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I've bugged the readers of the Best and Worst of WWE Raw column about this a couple of times now, but "Brandon's dreams are coming true" is big enough news to share on the main page proper, so here we are.


In Austin For SXSW? Here, Have Two Tickets To The World Premiere Of 'Summer League'

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Anyway, if you're one of the 700,000,000,000 who've descended upon my grand home town of Austin, Texas, for SXSW, I have two points of business for you: 1.


So It’s Come To This: The Air Sex National Championships

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As I mentioned last week, the Air Sex National Championships went down in Austin, TX, on Friday night.

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