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Emma Stone Sang 'Wannabe' During An Interview At The Request Of Scary Spice

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During an interview in Australia for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2,' Emma Stone received a video message from Scary Spice with a special request.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Australia May Have Found Wreckage From Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 In The Indian Ocean

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced that satellite images may reveal wreckage from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.


Twin Sisters Get Surgery To Look Even More Alike And It Gets Truly Insane From There

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Twin Australian sisters get surgeries to look even more alike, and they share everything. EVERYTHING!


Australia Might Soon Beat Out The USA As The Fattest Country In The World

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Now we can just be known for our horrible reputation with guns and violence!


This Sexy Australian PSA Promises A Horrible Death To Students Who Skip School

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If you skip school, you die. That's the lesson of this PSA from Australia.

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This Two-Year-Old Is Better At Skateboarding Than You Are At Anything

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No helmet or pads necessary. (Still needs a diaper, though.)


Karl Stefanovich Really Liked “Pussy, Get Out Of My Pants”


Watch Australia's best news guy Karl Stefanovich completely lose his mind after a co-anchor exclaims "Pussy, get out of my pants!"


This Skateboarding Cat Restores Our Faith In Skateboarding Cats

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Here's Didga, the skateboarding cat. She's been trained to do tricks with a remote-controlled skateboard, which is the best use of a trainer's time.


The Internet Is Providing A Second Miracle For A British Skydiver Who Survived A 12,000-Foot Fall

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Friends, family and complete strangers have donated more than $49,000 to 31-year old skydiver Ben Cornick after he fell 12,000 feet and lived.


While You Freeze To Death, Here’s Michelle Jenneke Enjoying A Beautiful Australian Summer

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Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke is enjoying a beautiful summer of bikinis and track medals while everybody in the US freezes to death. Seems fair.


A Naked Australian Man Got Stuck In A Washing Machine During A Dumb Prank


While getting ready for a shower, a naked Australian man decided to play a prank and ended up stuck in his washing machine.


Watch Out! Australian Sharks Are Now On Twitter And They’re Hungry For Followers!


I've always wanted to have a shark friend and I think that now Australian sharks are on Twitter, I might have a dream to check off my list.


These Cricket Fans Won The Day With Their Cromulent 'Simpsons' Signs

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Two fans stood out in the world record crowd at Australia's Boxing Day cricket match because of their awesome 'Simpsons' signs.


Frotcast 183: Shia LaBeouf, Worst of ’13, and The Most Australian Clip Ever

By | 22 Comments

Matt Lieb, Vince, Burnsy, and Bret talk Shia Labeouf, the Worst of 2013, AND, the most Australian television clip of all time. Enjoy.


An Australian Mayor Is Pissed His City Has The Worst Christmas Tree In The World

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The worst Christmas tree in the world, for only $27,000? What a steal.

The Hobbit

Australian “Medical Study” Challenges New Zealand’s Asinine Hobbit Tie-In Supremacy

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Most asinine Hobbit-themed stuff comes out of New Zealand, but a new "medical study" out of Australia might be the lamest yet.


Australia Gets All The Good Banned Condom Commercials

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Can't imagine why the condom commercial with two people doing It in a drug store was banned.

#Star Wars

The Full ‘Star Wars Downunder’ Fan Film Is As Silly As We Hoped It Would Be


'Star Wars Downunder' reimagines 'Star Wars' if Luke Skywalker were Australian. The full fan film is finally here.

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