Would You Like To See A Crazed Aussie Jump Out Of His Car & Headbutt Every Vehicle In Sight? Okay Then!

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A man crashed his car on a busy Perth highway and proceeded to play WWE with oncoming traffic.


BREAKING: Kate Upton Attended The Melbourne Cup, Wore A Stupid Hat

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While Fiorente was busy making history as the winning horse of the 2013 Melbourne Cup, Kate Upton was in attendance, doing something important probably.


Kangaroo MMA, For Anyone Who Wants To See A Kangaroo Win A Fight With A Rear Naked Choke

By | 9 Comments

Kangaroo MMA is our new favorite video of a kangaroo tapping out another kangaroo with a rear naked choke. Not that that's a huge list, but still.


A Drunk Australian Woman Watched ‘Braveheart’ And Attacked Her Neighbors With A Sword

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While it’s not exactly as light-hearted <a href="" target="_blank">as some topless prostitutes reenacting scenes</a>, a woman on Chevron Island in Australia took Braveheart impressions to a whole new level back in May when she reportedly chased her neighbors around with a sword.

drunk animals

R.I.P. Swino: The Australian Pig That Drank 18 Beers And Fought A Cow Died In A Car Accident

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Swino -- the Australia feral pig that stole 18 beers from a campsite, drank them all, then got in a fight with a cow -- died in a car accident this weekend.


Today In Classy MMA News: Somebody Paid $300 For Bec Hyatt’s Used Underwear

By | 8 Comments

An eBay user paid AU $340 ($318 US) for female MMA fighter 'Rowdy' Bec Hyatt's used weigh-in underwear.

drunk animals

A Rampaging Australian Pig Drank 18 Beers And Got In A Fight With A Cow

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A feral pig raided an Australian campsite, stole 18 beers, drank them, then got in "an altercation" with a cow. Best news story ever.


A 19-Foot Crocodile Held A Kayaker Hostage On An Australian Island For Two Weeks

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A New Zealand kayaker was trapped on an Australian island for two weeks with no supplies by a 19-foot crocodile.


Did You Hear About The Guy Who’s Selling His Mother-In-Law On eBay Because He Broke His Ankles?


eBay. Where you can buy old sandwiches, sadness and mothers-in-law. Just like God intended.

Stephanie Banister

Calling This Woman ‘Australia’s Sarah Palin’ Is Actually An Insult To Sarah Palin

By | 21 Comments

Meet Stephanie Banister, the 27 year-old poster child for Australia's One Nation movement, which basically seeks to ban all immigration. She's kinda dumb.

The ‘Photo Of The Year’ Showing A Man Coming OUT OF A SHARK Proves Australians Are The Weirdest

By | 4 Comments

You will never be awesome as this Australian fisherman, who crawled into a shark as a "jape."


‘Star Wars Downunder’ Finally Answers Question: What If Luke Skywalker Were Australian?


"What would happen if you crossed Star Wars with an Australian beer commercial. Answer? 'Star Wars Downunder'"


Australian Morning Show Host Pulls The ‘Anchorman’ Teleprompter Prank On His Co-Host

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Australian morning show host Karl Stefanovic pulled the "Anchorman" teleprompter prank on his co-host, getting her to admit her love of hash cookies.


The Building That Refused to Die


A demolition team in Australia was left red-faced after the giant building they were trying to bring down got stuck leaning to one side.


This Water Skiing Baby Is The Internet’s Newest Superstar Athlete

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While most 7-month old babies are still trying to understand colors, shapes, people and why Miley Cyrus was named the hottest woman in the world by Maxim, an Australian boy named Ryder is already well on his way to becoming <a href="" target="_blank">the next great water skiing champion</a>.


The ‘Daily Show’ Series On Gun Control In Australia Was Outstanding

By | 170 Comments

This week the Daily Show ran a three-part series on the sweeping gun control legislation Australia passed in the mid-90s. It deserves a Pulitzer.


This Picture Of Adam Scott At The Masters Is Awesome, But Let’s Make It Better

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Adam Scott winning the Masters with an incredible putt in an intense playoff was great for several reasons: He’s the first Australian to ever win the Masters, so his green jacket is a massive relief to golf fans in Britain’s former penal colony*.


Eccentric Billionaire Now Filling His ‘Jurassic Park’-Style Resort With Dinosaur Robots

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Clive Palmer's plans to clone dinosaurs for a Jurassic Park may have fallen through, but that won't stop him from ordering hundreds of dinosaur robots.

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