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The Building That Refused to Die


A demolition team in Australia was left red-faced after the giant building they were trying to bring down got stuck leaning to one side.


This Water Skiing Baby Is The Internet’s Newest Superstar Athlete

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While most 7-month old babies are still trying to understand colors, shapes, people and why Miley Cyrus was named the hottest woman in the world by Maxim, an Australian boy named Ryder is already well on his way to becoming <a href="" target="_blank">the next great water skiing champion</a>.


The ‘Daily Show’ Series On Gun Control In Australia Was Outstanding

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This week the Daily Show ran a three-part series on the sweeping gun control legislation Australia passed in the mid-90s. It deserves a Pulitzer.


This Picture Of Adam Scott At The Masters Is Awesome, But Let’s Make It Better

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Adam Scott winning the Masters with an incredible putt in an intense playoff was great for several reasons: He’s the first Australian to ever win the Masters, so his green jacket is a massive relief to golf fans in Britain’s former penal colony*.


Eccentric Billionaire Now Filling His ‘Jurassic Park’-Style Resort With Dinosaur Robots

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Clive Palmer's plans to clone dinosaurs for a Jurassic Park may have fallen through, but that won't stop him from ordering hundreds of dinosaur robots.


Where The Deer And The Antelope Play/Wreck Your Bike/Nearly Kill You

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Robert Mennen is an Australian cyclist just trying to finish stage one of South Africa's Cape Epic race without running over any antelope at almost 40 mph and almost killing himself.


Australian Football Player Makes Incredible Catch


Andrew Walker of the Australian Football League uses his opponent's back to make a spectacular grab.

Gary the Australian Goat Fought the Law… and Won (Morning Links)


[via <a href="" target="_blank">Clip Nation</a>] MORNING LINKS ‘The Spit & the Speculum’ among AVN’s ‘Clever Title’ Nominees |<a href="" target="blank">Film Drunk</a>| Come see Vince and former Frotcast guests Eric Barry and Leslie Small next week during SF Sketchfest |<a href="" target="_blank">EVENTS</a>| It's always the cute girls who turn into mutant armadillos.


Gary the Australian Goat Has Charges Against Him Dropped


Gary, a goat from Australia, has been cleared of destroying a flowerbed in Sydney's city centre after his case was appealed.

Even Australian Librarians Hate Lance Armstrong Now

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A library in Manly, Australia, has moved their books about Lance Armstrong from the non-fiction to fiction section.


Pictures: The Real-Life Snakes on a Plane in Australia

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Have you ever been on a plane that kept hitting freaky turbulence or been cut off by some fascist stewardess trying to enforce some never-agreed-to dress code that involves pants.

mad max

Introducing Australia's 'Carbeque', The Car That Has A BBQ Grill In The Trunk

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How many times have you been stuck in traffic after work, listening to nothing but terrible sports talk radio and, even worse, the growls of your hungry stomach.

chris hadfield

Here's What The Australian Wildfires Look Like From Space

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Remember the astronaut who awesomely replied to William Shatner on Twitter? He's back with photos of the planet, specifically Australia's ongoing wildfires.


Police Chase Kangaroo Around Australian Airport


Australian police were given the run-around by a three-year-old eastern grey kangaroo in the Melbourne Airport parking garage.


Heavy Metal, Literally: Robot Band ‘Compressorhead’ Plays Motörhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’

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What better way to start a Monday morning than to watch robot band Compressorhead rock out to heavy metal classic "Ace of Spades"?


The End Is Neigh (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring sophisticated cat's apocalypse procrastination, an Australian horse warning of the end, and a dog embarrassed by farts.


Michelle Jenneke Meets Forever Alone. Pretty Sure I’m The One Forever Alone

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Back in July, With Leather created an Internet maelstrom (or "malestrom") of guys furiously GIFfing and watermarking pictures of Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke.


Stunning Sea Tornado


A gigantic sea tornado (waterspout) takes shape at Batemans Bay in the Australian state of New South Wales.

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