A Woman Is Suing Disney For Stealing Her Life Story For ‘Frozen’

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Isabella Tanikumi is suing Disney for $250 million over accusations that 'Frozen' told the same story of her autobiography.

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Did This 86-Year Old Woman Write The Next ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’?

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A great-great grandmother in Utah self-published her own romance novel that she admits is full of 'steaminess.'


'Dinosaur Erotica' Proves That There's A Market For Just About Anything

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Two authors on Amazon have carved out quite the niche for themselves with a series of books ranging from dinosaur to demon erotica.

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Author Tom Clancy dead at 66

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Tom Clancy, a best-selling author known for his military thrillers and weird eyebrows, is dead today at age 66, according to the New York Times.


People Lined Up To Meet New York Times Bestselling Author… Grumpy Cat?

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A crowd of people lined up at a bookstore in Tempe, Arizona to "meet" and get their pictures taken with New York Times bestselling "author" Grump Cat.


Maurice Sendak Google Doodle


Google honors what would have been the 85th birthday of Maurice Sendak, the beloved author and illustrator of children's books, with an animated "doodle" of its logo.


6 Swimsuits That Do Kinda/Sorta Look Like Famous Book Covers

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Look, I get that it's the dog days of Summer and really your only options are bitching about NBC's Olympics coverage while watching Corgi Cam and admiring Nick Offerman's throbbing foam penis. I get it.


When Highbrow Meets The Lowest Of Brows: 15 GIFs Of Famous Writers

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Christopher Hitchens: The GIF > Christopher Hitchens: The Person

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How Many Short Jokes Can We Cram Into One Harlan Ellison Post?

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According to a source close to Harlan Ellison, his life will soon be tragically cut short.


Strange SF Author Maybe Committed Suicide, Maybe Not


The man with the epic facial hair on the right is/was F.


TSS Presents 15 Minutes With Seth Ferranti

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What path would you choose if you were handed a 304 month sentence for selling drugs as a first-time, non-violent offender.

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