A Canadian Movie Theater Plans To Offer Special Screenings For People With Autism

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A Canadian theater chain is taking a novel approach to attracting families to its screenings.

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Five Teens Have Been Arrested In Connection With That Horrible Ice Bucket Prank On An Autistic Teen

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Five Ohio teens have finally been arrested for dumping a bucket filled with feces and bodily fluids over an autistic boy's head.


Drew Carey Offers $10K Reward To Find Those Behind A Disgusting Ice Bucket Prank On An Autistic Teen

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Authorities are seeking those behind a cruel prank on an autistic teen disguised as the ice bucket challenge and Drew Carey wants to help.

Quantum Leap

Chili’s Backed Out Of An Anti-Vaccination Group Fundraiser For Autism Awareness Month

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Level-headedness prevails as Chili's opts out of a fundraiser that would give money to people who think vaccinations make their kids autistic.


Jenny McCarthy’s Self-Made Twitter Hashtag Was Hilariously Hijacked By Pro-Vaccine Critics

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'The View' co-host Jenny McCarthy tried to start a Twitter hashtag, created a spot for criticism of her anti-vaccine asshattery. Here are the best tweets.


A Little Boy With Autism Got The Surprise Of His Life From A Good Guy Garbageman

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This garbageman is a much better role model than Frank "Trashman" Reynolds.


J. Cole’s Sorry For Calling Autistics “Retarded”

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The days of rappers saying whatever the hell they want are long gone as J. Cole recently found out.


Noted scientist Rob Schneider compares vaccinations to Nuremberg Laws

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It's unfortunate that so much hocus pocus and magical gypsy thinking gets lumped in with legitimate progressivism, but if I had to explain why, it's probably because so many outspoken "progressives" without college educations in LA love sitting around movie sets loudly not knowing what the f*ck they're talking about.


An Amazing Story About How One Autistic Woman Fell In Love with Abed Nadir

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Julia Bascom is an Autistic writer who writes about her disability, and growing up and living as an Autistic woman.


Robert Loggia Trains an Autistic Cage Fighter. Game Over, We Have Found the Best Film of All Time.

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Here we have the trailer for The Great Fight, which will almost certainly go down as one of the greatest artistic creations of the last thousand years, perhaps million.


Naked Sledging: Great Sport, or Greatest?


Germany The third annual Naked Sledging (sledding) World Championship took place in Braunlage, Germany, although it's technically a topless sledding contest; contestants still wore shoes, socks, and underwear bottoms.


Is a Baby Penguin Tougher Than You?


When one considers the words "courage" and "fortitude", the words "adorable baby penguins" don't spring instantly to mind.


MRIs To Diagnose Autism, Shut Up Self-Diagnosers


Autism is the latest trendy disease, for two reasons: one, it's actually a sad and difficult disease that can seriously damage the lives of those suffering it, and autism sufferers and their parents deserve our help and support.



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A Thai fireman recently dressed as Spider-Man to coax an autistic child down from a ledge.



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<center Chocolate comes from Ong Bak director Prachya Pinkaew, and as we've already established "A SPECIAL NEEDS GIRL.

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