Nationals Outfielder Jayson Werth Is Apparently Signing Autographs While In Prison

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Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth can't escape autograph hounds, even when he's spending time in prison.


Chelsea Peretti Left Messages Inside Any Book Fans Gave Her Last Night

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Chelsea Peretti agreed to sign the book anyone who attended a taping of her podcast brought with them. They didn't disappoint.

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Ewan McGregor Called Out The Awful Star Wars ‘Fans’ He’s Met

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Obi-Wan Kenobi is not screwing around in a new interview, and he's calling 'fans' on their crap.


Important ‘Community’ News: Star-Burns Only Signs Jeff’s Face When Autographing Memorabilia

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Is Star-Burns hatred for Jeff Winger so strong it's bled into real life?

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For Less Than $5, You Can Own This Very Odd Bree Olson Autograph

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This week in 'Strange Things We've Found on eBay,' here's an index card that Bree Olson autographed, possibly for her dad.


Lesson Of The Day: Don’t Bother Asking George Brett For His Autograph

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While in town to accept the Kansas Citian of the Year award, former Royals great George Brett threatened to shoot an overzealous autograph seeker.

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Paul Scheer Found An Old Autographed David Letterman Headshot ‘In The Attic’

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UPROXX pal Paul Scheer on the photo above: "David Letterman tells my Dad & Me to 'keep it up!' in this old photo found in the attic."


What An Article About The Tax Implications Of Johnny Manziel’s Autographs Looks Like To Me

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Hot on the heels of ESPN’s Outside the Lines “sources” that were in the same room as Texas A&M star quarterback Johnny Manziel when he signed a bunch of autographs for a guy, but never witnessed him accepting money for them, is a follow-up report by the Worldwide Leader that features a “prominent autograph broker on eBay” claiming that Manziel would no longer sign autographs for him “without compensation.


Johnny Manziel Is Under Investigation By The NCAA Because Of Sources

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ESPN’s number muncher and Playboy Playmate judge, jury and executioner Darren “Sh*t Biscuit” Rovell and someone named Justine Gubar, who probably has far less Twitter followers than Rovell, have the scoop of the century, you guys.


Nate Robinson Signed Someone’s Baby At Summer League Because Someone Had To

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Nate Robinson has been sort of an odd man out in this NBA free agency period, as the 29-year old point guard doesn’t exactly have teams tripping over each other to sign his 13.


Ryan Gosling Continues To Be The Greatest Person Alive

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KTLA entertainment reporter and voice modulation disorder survivor Sam Rubin was recently offered the chance to interview Ryan Gosling, because that’s what an entertainment reporter is paid to do, but he apparently didn’t want to fly from L.


People Really, Really Like Buying Fake Babe Ruth Autographs

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Obviously, it’s impossible to get a new autograph from a person when he or she is dead, unless you dig ‘em up and put a pen in their hand, in which case you still need a picture for the COA.

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Simon Pegg Continues To Be Awesome

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A few days ago, Redditor Golden_Dalek posted on the Internet's favorite forum that he sent a few items to Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Star Trek star Simon Pegg three months with the hopes of having them signed.

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