New York Critics (Minus Armond White) Awarded ‘Boyhood’ Best Film (While Snubbing ‘Birdman’)

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The New York Film Critics Circle bravely carried on their annual circle jerk without Armond White.


Why ‘Hannibal’ Was Shut Out By The Emmys

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'Hannibal' is one of the best shows on television... and it can't even get a pity nomination. Why do the Emmys hate the show so much?


MLB Awards Shocker: Guess Who Won The Commissioner Bud Selig Leadership Award

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The Baseball Assistance Team is awarding the first-ever Commissioner Bud Selig Leadership Award, and you'll never guess who they're giving it to.

#james franco

I Guess Someone Considered James Franco’s Sh*t

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You may remember that a week ago today, A24 released a For Your Consideration video for James Franco, urging awards voters to consider Franco's landmark "LOOK.


12 Years a Slave Gets Shut Out at the Gotham Awards

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Supposed Oscar front-runner 12 Years a Slave got shut out at the Gotham Awards.


Hooray! Patton Oswalt is hosting the Independent Spirit Awards

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Patton Oswalt is hosting this year's Independent Spirit Awards, so get ready for awesomely obscure film nerd jokes.


MLB Made WWE Championships For The 2013 Cy Young Winners

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Instead of the normal, boring old plaque, MLB made replica WWE Championships for 2013 Cy Young winners Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer.


Could 'Gravity' Be That Rare Sci-Fi Film That Actually Wins Oscars?

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'Gravity' is looking like an early awards favorite... but being a science fiction movie might, sadly, work against it.


Chug Your Trophy: The Fantastic Fest Award Winners

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The Fantastic Fest Awards ceremony took place the night before last, and because I was out in Austin getting drunk and pretending to be working, I was in attendance.


Walter White Reacts To Jeff Daniels’ Emmy Win


Breaking Bad's Walter White reacts to Jeff Daniels winning the 2013 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series over Bryan Cranston.


Ashton Kutcher Offered Some Pretty Sound Advice At The Teen Choice Awards

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Jobs star Ashton Kutcher channeled Steve Jobs in his acceptance speech for the Ultimate Choice Award at last night's Teen Choice Awards.


Here Are Some ESPY Awards Presented In A Ceremony Not Aired On TV Last Night

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In case you were just content with taking a night off from sports last night (or you didn’t want to see an already meaningless awards show become much more meaningless with the addition of Skip Bayless and Stephen A.

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Lie Witness News: The Oscars


Jimmy Kimmel asked people on the street what they thought about The Oscars -- two days before they happened.

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Late Night Hashtags: #BadOscarSequels


Jimmy Fallon started the #BadOscarSequels hashtag on Twitter (as part of his running Late Night Hashtags segment) and it was a trending topic.

Zero Dark Thirty

Kids Reenact Oscar-Nominated Films


These kids have you covered if you never got around to seeing Argo, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, or Beasts of the Southern Wild.


2013 Oscar Nominees Practice Their Speeches


Anne Hathaway, Daniel Day Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones and Joaquin Phoenix practice for the big night.


The Early Roles of This Year’s Oscar Nominees


Check out your favorite actors back when they were just breaking into show business.


Grammys Supercut: LL Cool J's Lip Smacking


If only some savvy sponsor could take advantage of LL's oral obsession.


The Golden Globes Love Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, apparently

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The Golden Globes released their nominations today - do people care about this, I can never tell - and as usual, the fun part is figuring out who threw the best parties for the shady-ass HFPA voters based on their nominations.

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